HMM Day 15 – Dawn of The Dead

When it comes to the zombies, when it finally all does happen. FINGERS CROSSED! Where is the first place that you would go? Do you think you would even go anywhere? These are important questions and one I think is best illustrated in Dawn of The Dead!

HMM Day 3 – Dead & Buried

With the great acting of Albertson and Farentino, mixed together with a deep and rich plot full of mystery and peril. Told in a brilliant looking oceanside atmosphere, Dead & Buried should be on everyone’s watch list this horror season.

RVM Review – Army Of The Dead

Just get to the real grit and let us have some good old fashioned zombie genocide! Zack Snyder and his out of focus, plastic toned cinematography can go to hell.

HMM Day 26 – Night of The Living Dead

Today is day twenty six of my Horror Movie Marathon which only means one thing. Marathon fatigue is definitely setting in. Thirty one days of horror movies can do a lot to a man. The toll it is has on you is downright damning. I’m just so tired and weak because I don’t get enough…

HMM Day 12 – 28 Days Later

I have always viewed zombies as a next step of human evolution. If you think of zombies, they’re perfect organisms that don’t age or suffer from disease. Their drive is more in tuned with nature in the sense that they only eat and stay dormant. They obviously don’t kill each other and disregard things like race, religion or political position. They aren’t using up resources like oxygen, water or causing traffic that makes me late for work! Zombies are the ultimate progression in mankind.

HMM Day 2 – Return of The Living Dead

When you think of zombies, what are some things that come to mind? Here’s a list. They’re dead They’re walking They’re hungry It’s that simple, so next time you see someone with at least two of these three symptoms then make sure you run cause that person is no doubt a zombie. Now that we…