Godzilla vs Kong

You have to remember, this is a cinematic universe. They have to keep making new films because without these main characters then you have nothing. You think they’re going to make a movie about Mothra?

Cyst – My Benign Friend

Have you ever seen Dr. Pimple Popper? It’s this crazy show on the TLC channel that features the practices of a Dr. Sandra Lee. Dr. Lee is this badass dermatologist that helps people suffering from crazy skin issues like zits, blackheads, infections and warts. Dr. Lee is someone I would love to have on my…

Haunt – Scary Clown

We have a group of douche bag teenagers that are in search of an extreme haunted house during the Halloween season. Already I want them all to die. Twenty bucks that the group has one serious girl, a slut, a tough gal, a fat gay guy and one minority! Because, you know… inclusion. They end up getting more than they bargained for as a group of masked killers seek and murder each one of them.

Underwater – Return of Tank Girl

What we follow is an underwater research center that goes through an earthquake. Thus leaving the crew stranded at the ocean floor. As they make arrangements for escape, the crew discovers something sinister outside of the underwater refuge.

IT: Chapter 2 – Say Cheese and Die

The It: Chapter Two trailer two dropped at the San Diego Comic-Con. Like everything coming out of Comic-Con, the hysterics are running rampant because the trailer shows even more terrifying clips and obvious moments of the movie that will make an impact on our senses… blah blah blah blah.


Brightburn is a horror movie that is being released at the right moment.

Child’s Play – iChild

“Dude! Mike, look at this VHS movie! It’s some doll that kills people and it’s a ginger doll! We have to see this movie! I bet Chris has this cause his mom and dad are divorced and his dad gives him anything he wants!”