HMM Day 15 – Misery

The movie is a rollercoaster with your emotions which makes the end such a rewarding pay off. It’s amazing how a single person with no powers or scary features can strike so much fear. It’s a film that you will hold your breathe through the entire time and even in the end, when Paul fights for his freedom and life, we’re never truly sure if we can breathe.

IT: Chapter 2 – Say Cheese and Die

The It: Chapter Two trailer two dropped at the San Diego Comic-Con. Like everything coming out of Comic-Con, the hysterics are running rampant because the trailer shows even more terrifying clips and obvious moments of the movie that will make an impact on our senses… blah blah blah blah.

HMM Day 12 – Carrie

Meet Carrie White, a timid, reticent teenage girl that doesn’t quite fit in. The other girls bully her and all the boys ignore her. But what know one knows is that Carrie has powers. Seriously, it’s true. Carrie can move things with her mind. It’s a secret, and know one can know. Especially momma!