HMM Day 14 – Brain Damage

Something is wrong with my friend Brian and I need your help. He’s acting real weird and not being his usual self. He keeps talking about his friend named Aylmer and from what I can gather, Aylmer is not a good guy. Last time I saw Brian he was running through a junk yard and…

Godzilla vs Kong

You have to remember, this is a cinematic universe. They have to keep making new films because without these main characters then you have nothing. You think they’re going to make a movie about Mothra?

HMM Day 4 – The Blob

What started as an incident that became a laughing stock would soon become a movie that changes everything about horror.

HMM Day 30 – The Monster Squad

It was 1987 when I, a young little snot nosed kid one weekend; went to my grandparents house for the typical visit. Going to your grandpa and grandma’s house is always the best thing in the entire world, especially for me because Grandpa and Grandma spoiled us. Also, my father was the oldest of three…

HMM Day 23 – Bad Moon

If you’re a dog lover like me then it will bring a smile to your face and if you own a German Shepherd, it will make you feel like you have Chuck Norris as a best friend.

HMM Day 19 – Son Of Frankenstein

It’s a perfect display of man vs himself where the real monsters is not the monster himself, but the normal people around him that are driven by intellectual supremacy or revenge.

HMM Day 18 – Splinter

The film is an enjoyable monster flick set in a claustrophobic atmosphere. It doesn’t take itself all too seriously but never crosses over the line of hokey or schlock. The effects are awesome and don’t seem to appear overly campy or fake.

HMM Day 11 – Mimic

When I was fifteen years, twenty pounds and no kids ago; I worked at a summer camp as a cabin counselor in West Virginia. The camp was called Camp Tomahawk and was deep in the forest, probably an hour or two outside of Baltimore. The two weeks of orientation were always the best because it…

HMM Day 9 – Creature From The Black Lagoon

The year was 1923 and Universal Pictures made the silent film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s gothic novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With its amazing sets of fifteen hundreds Paris and starring the makeup genius Lon Chaney as Quasimodo, the film was a huge success and is the most successful silent film. Chaney, a pioneer…

HMM Day 7 – It’s Alive

What if the spawn of your loins turns out to be a monster? A ravaging creature addicted to blood and terror?