HMM Day 30 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Sawyer family is once more wreaking havoc amongst the great state of Texas. After a radio show broadcasts one of their attacks on live air, Leatherface and his crazy brother Chop-Top decide to pay the DJ named Stretch a visit. But this time a Texas Ranger by the name of Lieutenant “Lefty” Enright is…

Beany And Cecil – The Wild Leatherman

Since I have been getting into drawing stupid short comics lately, I was thinking about doing my own short comic where some horror icon is in a kids cartoon. So since I love horror movies and also fondly remember Beany and Cecil, I thought “how cool would it be for Beany and Cecil to run into Leatherface!” Now, since this is a cartoon… Leatherface would not be known directly as “leatherface.” So I have re-titled him the “leatherman.” So here is my nice little comic for all of you to enjoy some nice innocent childlike humor… mixed with a bloody good time!