My Favorite Things – Schadenfreude

There’s something about seeing them die which makes you cheer. Think about it! You’re cheering when someone dies! You’re a homicidal psychopath! Or maybe you’re just experiencing something called Schadenfreude.

Scenes To Be Seen – I’m Joe Grizzly Bitch!

I’m a simple man. A simple man with simple desires. I don’t require fancy clothing or a slew of high end products to make me feel good. I like normal foods and enjoy simple pleasures like a good cold beer, a nice cigar and a nice romp with the Mrs whenever the mood is now….

HMM Day 31 – The Mortuary Collection

Happy Halloween and welcome to the last day of my Horror Movie Marathon 2021. This will be short and sweet because I have some Halloween scaring to get to tonight. But for my last movie of the marathon I would like to leave you with a special modern day anthology horror movie that I think…

HMM Day 29 – Night Of The Creeps

When two nerdy college guys try to pledge for a fraternity on the campus of Corman University, they are sent on a task that unfortunately has them awakening a frozen corpse. The corpse just so happens to have alien parasites that infect peoples brains! Turning them into mindless zombies! The entire college town is in…

HMM Day 28 – Poltergeist

How can anyone in the world, have a problem with a place like Cuesta Verda, California? Mr. Freeling said it right, the grass does grow greener… on every side here.

HMM Day 26 – House of Wax

When I was a young kid, my parents would always take me and my siblings on an annual vacation. I’m sure most of you did the same thing and just like me I bet you were jealous of your rich friends that went to cooler places! While all my rich friends were going to Europe…

HMM Day 25 – The Mist

Do you remember when Covid-19 first hit back in January of 2020? It was such a crazy time as Americans. Not because of the virus itself but because of how terribly stupid people reacted to it. To this day I can’t determine why there was such a particular need for toilet paper. At first I…