Smells Like

This is technically my official review of The Nun.

Behind The Mask – So It Begins

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is an amazing movie that dwells in the world of the slasher. Yet brings it into a scientific, oddly logical and legendary status. Like Cabin In The Woods did to all things horror, Behind The Mask does so with just the slasher genre yet differs that there’s…

HMM Day 15 – Gremlins

It’s Christmas time in Kingston Falls and Randall Peltzer has the perfect present for his son Billy. A cute little creature known as a mogwai.

HMM Day 13 – Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th in October, you couldn’t ask for a better month for such a evil day. That’s why we’re sharpening our machetes and kissing our mothers severed head so long as I review the Friday the 13th series! Hold on to your nuts because we’re breaking down a crap load of horror films for one single day.

HMM Day 6 – Dr. Cyclops

Thorkel losing his use of one eye is just a metaphor for who he truly is. His lack of “vision” leaves him a danger to himself and anyone he knows.