HMM Day 12 – VHS

In 1979 director Ruggero Deodato would begin a filming a movie known as Cannibal Holocaust. A movie about an American film crew that discover collected reels of a previous expedition. The previous film crew were studying indigenous people of the Amazonian rainforests. The film crew is discovered to have been brutally murdered and eaten by…

HMM Day 11 – The Lost Boys

As Mike starts changing into a vamp, the only person he can rely is his younger brother. It’s through their bond and love that the movie has a good deal of heart. Mix in some truly awesome death scenes and the movie is what I like to call a well made cake.

HMM Day 10 – The Black Scorpion

Men must have been built out of concrete back then cause if I was being chased by giant fucking scorpions, then I would be shitting myself like my pants was a Jackson Pollock painting!

HMM Day 8 – Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

For day eight of Horror Movie Marathon I want to take us back to the Golden Age of horror when the Universal monsters would reign supreme. In 1931 the film Dracula was released to the silver screen. The film starred Bela Lugosi which would be his first of only two times playing the part of…

HMM Day 7 – The Cabin In The Woods

For day seven and the 100th horror film of my Horror Movie Marathon! I present to you the movie that brings everything we love into one amazing horror movie!

HMM Day 6 – MST3K: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

The year was 1993 in a little town of Trumansburg New York. There on Congress St. was a small three bedroom, two 1/2 bathroom single story home. Inside is a family of five, one being an eleven year old boy sitting on an oval braided rug and playing with his Crash Test dummies toy he…

HMM Day 4 – The Blob

What started as an incident that became a laughing stock would soon become a movie that changes everything about horror.