HMM Day 22 – Tremors

The balance of gore and feel good attitude is a perfect concoction for people that aren’t necessarily hard core horror fanatics like you and me. But that isn’t to say the movie is a baby class kind of horror flick.

HMM Day 21 – Chained

If you were to weigh the minds and actions of every horror movie villain, from Count Orlok in the 1922 film Nosferatu to present day; where do you suppose these baddies would fall on the “evil” meter? I vaguely remember many years ago watching a crime channel. There was a feature that ranked histories serial…

HMM Day 20 – The Devil Bat

Today for day twenty of my Horror Movie Marathon I would like to not only post another Golden Age classic horror film, but to make this post in honor of classic legend Bela Lugosi. Since today is Lugosi’s birthday and he is such an icon for the horror community, it only seems fitting to give…

HMM Day 19 – Rabid Grannies

Right off the back you will notice that they aren’t really “grannies” and more like “aunties” because the two old ladies aren’t grandmas but since they’re old it only makes sense to call them grannies.

HMM Day 18 – The Gravedancers

If I were to dance on the graves of a dead spirit that might come back to haunt me, I would make sure it wasn’t the three these people chose.

HMM Day 17 – The Revenge Of Frankenstein

What if Prometheus eventually escaped his imprisonment? What if he got down from the mountain and continued his quest to better mankind and the world that they live? If Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is “The Modern Prometheus” then what would her sequel be? Thanks to Hammer Film Productions we had that answer in The Revenge of Frankenstein.

HMM Day 15 – The Faculty

By the late 80’s the slasher genre was on a downward spiral to an inevitable end. Film series like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were pumping out a new sequels every year. Each one being worse than the last. It wasn’t until 1996 when Wes Craven would revitalize the slasher genre…

HMM Day 14 – Slither

Not only is this movie disgusting with amazing scenes… it’s absolutely hilarious and is full of memorable characters brought to us by a stellar cast!

HMM Day 13 – Dark Night of the Scarecrow

You know what everybody loves? A good comeuppance movie where the “victims” being hunted down are in all rights, not innocent. Where moves like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween all have killers going after innocent youth; it is kind of rewarding for a similar horror movie to feature victims getting their just reward.