HMM Day 15 – Dawn of The Dead

When it comes to the zombies, when it finally all does happen. FINGERS CROSSED! Where is the first place that you would go? Do you think you would even go anywhere? These are important questions and one I think is best illustrated in Dawn of The Dead!

HMM Day 12 – The Man They Could Not Hang

Dr Savaard is a brilliant doctor that is on the cusp of discovering a way in bringing the dead back to life! When a medical student and fan of Savaards volunteers to prove the process works, Savaard and his assistant proceed with killing the student. The lover of the student who is also the Savaards…

HMM Day 6 – The Fly

The other day my wife and I went to IKEA. For some strange reason we both had a sudden urge to commit suicide. So we thought going to this Swedish hell hole would do it. Little did we know that it would be much worse because instead of dying, we ended up purchasing a new…

HMM Day 5 – The Mummy

The Mummy is less of a monster and more like… an evil warlock. That doesn’t really make him less terrifying. In fact, I could argue that Imhotep is a far more horrifying character than the other lot.

HMM Day 3 – Dead & Buried

With the great acting of Albertson and Farentino, mixed together with a deep and rich plot full of mystery and peril. Told in a brilliant looking oceanside atmosphere, Dead & Buried should be on everyone’s watch list this horror season.

HMM Day 2 – The Head Hunter

What you get with The Head Hunter is a brilliant spectacle of a hero braking the norms of the typical heroes journey.

HMM Day 1 – Evil Dead

Oh wait, there I go again and getting bitter. Back to Evil Dead. Evil Dead 2013 did it right! I need to keep telling myself this. It’s still Evil Dead but just different.

RVM Review – Army Of The Dead

Just get to the real grit and let us have some good old fashioned zombie genocide! Zack Snyder and his out of focus, plastic toned cinematography can go to hell.