HMM Day 9 – The Howling

I know of this one lady. Her name is Karen White and let me tell you, she needs to release. That’s why today we honor 1981’s The Howling for day nine of our Horror Movie Marathon!

HMM Day 9 – Creature From The Black Lagoon

The year was 1923 and Universal Pictures made the silent film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s gothic novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With its amazing sets of fifteen hundreds Paris and starring the makeup genius Lon Chaney as Quasimodo, the film was a huge success and is the most successful silent film. Chaney, a pioneer…

HMM Day 9 – The Relic

In the realms of The Museum of Natural History in Chicago, a beast roams free. It’s hungry and will soon feed on a full course human buffet!

HMM Day 9 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The admired and respected Dr. Jekyll is on the verge of creating a new drug. A drug that will eradicate the evil behavior that dwells deep within each man. Driven by success and love for his fiance, our Dr. urgently uses himself as a test subject. Doing so unleashing a terrible evil within. An evil…