HMM Day 4 – The Blob

What started as an incident that became a laughing stock would soon become a movie that changes everything about horror.

HMM Day 4 – Fright Night

They proved that not all movies need killers with axes. We can still find terror in the classic monsters that started it all.

HMM Day 4 – Them!

Nuclear power is dangerous so it takes giant mutated bugs to make the world realize it!

HMM Day 4 – An American Werewolf in London

While backpacking through the English countryside, David Kessler and his friend Jack Goodman are attacked by a ferocious beast. Jack is brutally killed and David is severely injured. David mysteriously recovers but shortly discovers the attack has turned him into a werewolf. David soon becomes a terror on the city of London. Werewolf movies are…