HMM Day 28 – Poltergeist

How can anyone in the world, have a problem with a place like Cuesta Verda, California? Mr. Freeling said it right, the grass does grow greener… on every side here.

HMM Day 28 – The Descent

I have been married for about twelve years and one thing my wife do is often times watch television in separate rooms. We just like watching different things and that is quite alright. It is always a good thing when two people can live together and still be able to enjoy their own shit. But…

HMM Day 28 – Sleepy Hollow

The visuals leave an imprint in your memory bank and captivate the early methods that made Tim Burton so good and original. Everything is rich and full of character that its like walking into a candy store. You just want to touch everything and shove it into your pocket because you know it has value.

HMM Day 28 – The Curse of Frankenstein

A relentless Dr. Frankenstein is bound and determined to discover the power of reanimating dead human tissue. Ignoring all warnings this madman attempts the impossible and creates a new reanimated man out of dead body parts. But this creature is all but a success as it hungers for murder and carnage. Directed in 1957 by…