HMM Day 23 – The Beyond

Have you ever noticed that most towns have a couple things in common. Sure there’s the obvious shit like a mayor, a school board, a town drunk or even a flagpole. What I mean is a building, in particular one that is a business… most likely a restaurant. Think long and hard about this because…

HMM Day 23 – The Thing

Holy monkey balls someone in my work named James came down with Covid-19! Now we’re all doomed and I know I am going to get it! I knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time and now the entire company is going to get infected and we’re all gonna die!…

HMM Day 23 – Bad Moon

If you’re a dog lover like me then it will bring a smile to your face and if you own a German Shepherd, it will make you feel like you have Chuck Norris as a best friend.

HMM Day 23 – Necromentia

Three men livingĀ  morbidly obsessed lives; attempt to transcend the living by rather dark measures. Through an occult ritual of carving a detailed map on a victims skin, will open a gateway into the depths of hell. However, meddling with dark forces has a rather high price. Malevolent demons are released and soon a nightmare of evil ensues.