HMM Day 22 – Dead Snow

So the other day I was working at home because my son was sick from school. As usual, I was sitting with him while I was typing away on my computer. At this moment in time the Back to The Future trilogy was playing and my son is watching intently. It’s a grand time to…

HMM Day 22 – Tremors

The balance of gore and feel good attitude is a perfect concoction for people that aren’t necessarily hard core horror fanatics like you and me. But that isn’t to say the movie is a baby class kind of horror flick.

HMM Day 22 – Krampus

People aren’t supposed to die on Christmas and to have a demon that does the opposite of Santa Claus is certainly playing with fire. This movie takes all that is warm and inviting about this time of the year and says “up your ass with broken glass!”