HMM Day 2 – The Head Hunter

What you get with The Head Hunter is a brilliant spectacle of a hero braking the norms of the typical heroes journey.

HMM Day 2 – The Burning

Oh man I’m hungry. So let’s make this day for Horror Movie Marathon 2020 be a day of eating Wendy’s and watching 1981’s The Burning!

HMM Day 2 – Mandy

Red Miller and Mandy Bloom are a happy couple living a peaceful remote life together. Red is a logger and Mandy is a gas station clerk. She’s also an illustrations which Red admires a great deal. The life they live is wonderful and uncomplicated, that is until this placid life is shattered by a cult named The Children of The Dawn and their brutally evil leader Jeremiah Sand. Soon, Red finds himself immersed in a drug-induced frenzy and slaughter as he reeks vengeance on every person that has done him wrong.

HMM Day 2 – Return of The Living Dead

When you think of zombies, what are some things that come to mind? Here’s a list. They’re dead They’re walking They’re hungry It’s that simple, so next time you see someone with at least two of these three symptoms then make sure you run cause that person is no doubt a zombie. Now that we…