HMM Day 17 – Dracula Has Risen From the Grave

One of my most favorite tropes in all horror is the way a villain dies in one film and then in the next easily comes back. It’s one of those things that remains a constant in all horror, right up there with the killer not truly being dead and coming back for one last kill….

HMM Day 17 – The Revenge Of Frankenstein

What if Prometheus eventually escaped his imprisonment? What if he got down from the mountain and continued his quest to better mankind and the world that they live? If Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is “The Modern Prometheus” then what would her sequel be? Thanks to Hammer Film Productions we had that answer in The Revenge of Frankenstein.

HMM Day 17 – The Crazies

You know what Hollywood hasn’t figured out? That remakes are generally a bad idea, especially with horror films. What is it that makes horror remakes so bad? Could be it be that the films they’re trying to recreate are special films. Made in a particular time period that reflected social fears and norms? What was…