HMM Day 12 – VHS

In 1979 director Ruggero Deodato would begin a filming a movie known as Cannibal Holocaust. A movie about an American film crew that discover collected reels of a previous expedition. The previous film crew were studying indigenous people of the Amazonian rainforests. The film crew is discovered to have been brutally murdered and eaten by…

HMM Day 12 – 28 Days Later

I have always viewed zombies as a next step of human evolution. If you think of zombies, they’re perfect organisms that don’t age or suffer from disease. Their drive is more in tuned with nature in the sense that they only eat and stay dormant. They obviously don’t kill each other and disregard things like race, religion or political position. They aren’t using up resources like oxygen, water or causing traffic that makes me late for work! Zombies are the ultimate progression in mankind.

HMM Day 12 – Carrie

Meet Carrie White, a timid, reticent teenage girl that doesn’t quite fit in. The other girls bully her and all the boys ignore her. But what know one knows is that Carrie has powers. Seriously, it’s true. Carrie can move things with her mind. It’s a secret, and know one can know. Especially momma!