HMM Day 1 – Evil Dead

Oh wait, there I go again and getting bitter. Back to Evil Dead. Evil Dead 2013 did it right! I need to keep telling myself this. It’s still Evil Dead but just different.

HMM Day 1 – Re-Animator

When starting a marathon, the first day is always the hardest movie to select. The array of potential “first day” films is so wide and strong that it makes it a dilemma in choosing which one you want to go with.

HMM Day 1 – Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell is a movie that doesn’t take itself all too seriously, something lacking in so many horror movies now.

HMM Day 1 – From Beyond

When two scientists create a machine that intensifies the human pineal gland, they discover a dimensional terror beyond comprehension.

HMM Day 1 – Aliens

Seven years following the release of the 1979 film titled Alien; James Cameron comes in and shows us that sequels can be great, maybe even better.