HMM Day 30 – The Monster Squad

It was 1987 when I, a young little snot nosed kid one weekend; went to my grandparents house for the typical visit. Going to your grandpa and grandma’s house is always the best thing in the entire world, especially for me because Grandpa and Grandma spoiled us. Also, my father was the oldest of three…

HMM Day 29 – Hellraiser

If you are in any way familiar with Greek myth then you might be vaguely familiar with the story of Pandora. Pandora was the very first woman ever created and she was hot! After Prometheus stole the flame of the gods from mount Olympus, Zeus was pissed! So he came up with a scheme to…

HMM Day 28 – Sleepy Hollow

The visuals leave an imprint in your memory bank and captivate the early methods that made Tim Burton so good and original. Everything is rich and full of character that its like walking into a candy store. You just want to touch everything and shove it into your pocket because you know it has value.

HMM Day 27 – The Ritual

In any terrifying situation, there are two kinds of people. Either you fight the thing that is causing the problem or you’re someone that takes flight. Running as far away from the problem. Most of us have never been in a situation where our lives are in danger of someone with a gun or even…

HMM Day 26 – Young Frankenstein

Let me start by saying, if you are someone that doesn’t believe this might be the greatest comedy of all time… then by all means get the hell of my blog. I don’t care for someone as moronic as you reading my stuff. Ok, with that behind us. The other day I was watching the…

HMM Day 23 – Bad Moon

If you’re a dog lover like me then it will bring a smile to your face and if you own a German Shepherd, it will make you feel like you have Chuck Norris as a best friend.

HMM Day 22 – Krampus

People aren’t supposed to die on Christmas and to have a demon that does the opposite of Santa Claus is certainly playing with fire. This movie takes all that is warm and inviting about this time of the year and says “up your ass with broken glass!”