Scenes To Be Seen – I’m Joe Grizzly Bitch!

I’m a simple man. A simple man with simple desires. I don’t require fancy clothing or a slew of high end products to make me feel good. I like normal foods and enjoy simple pleasures like a good cold beer, a nice cigar and a nice romp with the Mrs whenever the mood is now….

HMM Day 31 – Trick ‘r Treat

Happy Halloween and also happy day thirty one of Horror Movie Marathon! It has been a wonderful marathon and I for one am extremely proud of this years selection. But it comes to an end and what would be a better way than to end it with a movie that best represents this festive day!…

HMM Day 12 – VHS

In 1979 director Ruggero Deodato would begin a filming a movie known as Cannibal Holocaust. A movie about an American film crew that discover collected reels of a previous expedition. The previous film crew were studying indigenous people of the Amazonian rainforests. The film crew is discovered to have been brutally murdered and eaten by…

Horror Movie Marathon 2020

Welcome to the month of October which only means one thing. That’s right sucker! I’m back for a full month for my Horror Movie Marathon! 2020 is such an awesome year. With all the COVID-19, forests going up in flames, crazy white virgins burning cities, and my kids doing school from home. What a better…

HMM Day 1 – Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell is a movie that doesn’t take itself all too seriously, something lacking in so many horror movies now.

Horror Movie Marathon 2019

Welcome to Horror Movie Marathon 2019! Thirty one horror films for each day during this horror season!

Halloween Horror Nights

Universal attractions are fun and can be a delight to any fan. Universal does a great job at offering a broad range of diverse style haunted houses that whatever your interests are, there is something for you to enjoy.