Scenes To Be Seen – Super Freddy

Sure it’s not the best death of all the kills in the Elm Street series. But it’s one that I appreciate the most. I could see Freddy coming after me this way and for that I gladly honor this scene.

Scenes To Be Seen – Crushing Dreams

Supposedly I am a terrible person. But much much worse, a killer of dreams. At least this is what a few of my coworkers tell me. Let me explain. My youngest son has just joined the football team. He told me that he wants to be a star in the NFL. It’s his first year…

Scenes To Be Seen – Party Wrecker

This a big change to the Freddy we got in the first movie where he kills folks in his dreams. Which may make why Freddy’s Revenge is so hated. I don’t think there is any moment where Freddy actually kills victims in the dream world. Which is quite frankly Freddy’s modus operandi.