HMM Day 17 – Dracula Has Risen From the Grave

One of my most favorite tropes in all horror is the way a villain dies in one film and then in the next easily comes back. It’s one of those things that remains a constant in all horror, right up there with the killer not truly being dead and coming back for one last kill….

HMM Day 7 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Often times there are certain movies that just don’t register to a viewer when they are young and stupid. But through time and understanding, the curtains of time peal back and what you once hated is now something great.

HMM Day 21 – Horror Of Dracula

As Dr. Van Helsing searches the country side for his friend Jonathan Harker, he soon discovers his friend met a terrible demise by the hands of a Count Dracula. Now Van Helsing must rush to the aide of Harkers relatives as Dracula’s vengeance becomes a plague upon the entire Harker family. Horror Of Dracula The…

Welcome to HMM 2018!

A little intro to the marathon and a good history lesson in horror through the ages.