Beany And Cecil – The Wild Leatherman

Since I have been getting into drawing stupid short comics lately, I was thinking about doing my own short comic where some horror icon is in a kids cartoon. So since I love horror movies and also fondly remember Beany and Cecil, I thought “how cool would it be for Beany and Cecil to run into Leatherface!” Now, since this is a cartoon… Leatherface would not be known directly as “leatherface.” So I have re-titled him the “leatherman.” So here is my nice little comic for all of you to enjoy some nice innocent childlike humor… mixed with a bloody good time!

Charlie Brown Becoming

We all know the “lovable loser” Charlie Brown and how much abuse the kid takes. But what if Charlie Brown went bad and went to extremes to seek total vengeance on those that cause him great pain?

Check out my first installment of my very own creation!