HMM Day 24 – Wyrmwood Road of the Dead

What is it about Australians that make them so damn cool?

HMM Day 23 – Bad Moon

If you’re a dog lover like me then it will bring a smile to your face and if you own a German Shepherd, it will make you feel like you have Chuck Norris as a best friend.

HMM Day 22 – Krampus

People aren’t supposed to die on Christmas and to have a demon that does the opposite of Santa Claus is certainly playing with fire. This movie takes all that is warm and inviting about this time of the year and says “up your ass with broken glass!”

HMM Day 21 – Horror Of Dracula

As Dr. Van Helsing searches the country side for his friend Jonathan Harker, he soon discovers his friend met a terrible demise by the hands of a Count Dracula. Now Van Helsing must rush to the aide of Harkers relatives as Dracula’s vengeance becomes a plague upon the entire Harker family. Horror Of Dracula The…

HMM Day 20 – Critters

When strange and dangerous aliens called Crites escape their outer space prison, it is up to two shape shifting bounty hunters to collect and destroy these monstrous fiends. As the hunters stalk their bounty they are led to a small planet far away called Earth. The planet it perfect and teaming with life, enough to…

HMM Day 19 – Son Of Frankenstein

It’s a perfect display of man vs himself where the real monsters is not the monster himself, but the normal people around him that are driven by intellectual supremacy or revenge.