RVM Review – Army Of The Dead

Just get to the real grit and let us have some good old fashioned zombie genocide! Zack Snyder and his out of focus, plastic toned cinematography can go to hell.

RVM Review – Willy’s Wonderland & The Banana Splits Movie

It makes perfect sense that a horror movie about killer mascots would be attempted. In fact there are two movies that have recently been available that are both very similar. I’m talking about 2019’s The Banana Splits Movie and 2021’s Willy’s Wonderland.

RVM Review – The Shed

Life sure does suck for Stan. He’s an orphaned teenager living with his abusive grandfather. He has to deal with school bullies and worse than that; the love of his life doesn’t love him. How can things get any worse? Oh, I know! How about a monster taking residence in your backyard? But not everything is so bad. This could be a golden opportunity to turn things around.