Garfield’s Halloween and The Fog

Sure it’s not pinhead ripping someone into pieces with hooks or soul devouring demons from a basement but it’s great for a small child.

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter – Screw You

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Now here is my favorite Friday the 13th death scene.

Abominable – So Cute And Furry!

The yeti in this movie is powerful and cute. Probably my most favorite character. I just wanted to give him a huge bear hug the entire time.

It: Chapter Two

Everything is spotted a mile away and it kills the moment. I’m never surprised because I’m not a child.

Halloween Horror Nights

Universal attractions are fun and can be a delight to any fan. Universal does a great job at offering a broad range of diverse style haunted houses that whatever your interests are, there is something for you to enjoy.

IT – Who’s it?

Hurricane season often brings out the worst in society. A tropical storm is approaching and the local news goes absolutely bat shit crazy. Weather men live for this air time. I call it weather boners. They act like what they are reporting on requires constant surveillance and love every minute of the devastation. I saw…

Zombie – I Still Have An Eyelash In My Eye

You wanna talk about pain? Sure, let us talk about pain! It’s 11:40 pm on a Friday night. The damn hurricane is coming and I should be preparing my house for the inevitable ass pounding we are gonna take from the wind and rain. But no, I can’t. All because I have the worst thing…