Senator Debins Does His Last Line

Citizens of the adjacent communities surrounding Ruspay Deleware have gathered together to partially discuss current issues and mainly… to complain. This is the only time of the year that a regular person of the community can voice their opinions in a world seemingly run by big suited politicians. Even if those concerns be modest or downright meaningless; the illusion that a “mans voice should be heard” is always perpetuated with these kinds of gatherings. Nearly three hours have drawn on but the line of eager speakers has remained lengthy and stern. Towards the centerpiece of the hall I sits a man, looking fatigued and wearing a counterfeiting smile. People think he is glowing with enthusiasm but secretly he theatrically plays the roll of a lifetime. The part is simple and deserves an award and why not. “If that cunt in New York can win an Emmy, then why can’t I?” he tells his assistant right before stepping out to a mixed crowd.

This man is none other than the newly elected Senator Henry Debins of this dinky truck stop of a state. Which means, along with the privileges of what comes with the title, like an instant supply of blow and hookers; it also has its shortcomings like attending these damn events. It’s all an illusion, a fraud, a way of making it seem like he cares. But it is a small price to pay and one, he frankly admits is more forced than chosen. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for his enduring and pushy father. He’s been told that political careers are meant to run in the family and sure, he’s grateful, the big guy really did come through this time around. Where and what else could be better? There was that “job” with the power company that his father got him a few years back but this is working out fine. Being a Senator was easier than saying you knew anything about the business of energy.

To be honest, the entire thing is better than just free money especially now with all the shit he has pulled in the past years. He gets to be in the American spotlight regardless of the past crimes he’s committed and boy are those crimes thick as mud. Only in America can a son of a politician snort drugs out a woman’s ass, one that might very well be an underage sex worker… But to then be welcomed on late night television by hosts eager to suck his dick. That’s not a question, it’s a fact. It’s amazing what you can do with a few catch phrases, victimization, some media elites on your side and also some green that isn’t coming out of his own pocket. Yes, life is good for Senator Debins. Well, except for this “fucking town hall.”

“God I hate these people.” Debins says under his breathe as he signals the next commoner up to the podium. His assistant smiles and speaks without moving her mouth as well. The two of them are so good at this skill that they could go on the road as ventriloquists. At least they wouldn’t have to waste their time with these jackass hicks and lowlifes. Most of them have never left their armpit of a state. “They’re nobodies, walking soon to be tax burdens that do nothing but waste my time. To think, we run our campaigns around making these people feel terrible about who they are! But the best part is, they eat this shit up.” Henry remembers telling his sister over the phone. This next imbecile is saying the taxes are too high and blah blah blah blah. He swears that if he had it his way, he’d execute every person in this room. At least the ones that are waving those picket signs smearing his families name. Fuck them all, fuck them for wanting to shake my hand while I urgently leave.

“The streets where I live are crumbling and haven’t been fixed. If this winter is as bad as last years then the costs and damage to our roadways will…” says Mr. Specter with a sense of increasing temper.

“Yes, yes yes. Thank you for your input and let me tell you. We are working hard to get these roads fixed and up to par for the coming year. I assure you all, the upcoming tax plan will enable this newly formed proposal to immediately fix many of the states issues.” Debins says as he smiles around the room.

“But you said that during the last proposal that only increased our taxes. Last time you paid for your entire administration to take a trip to the rockies! We all know how you spend our money!” Mr Specter holler.

“Mr… Mr?” Debins says as he looks to his assistant. “Specter” she whispers back to me. “Yes, Mr. Specter, very well pointed and not at all true. But we promise that this will all come into play soon.” Debins continues without skipping a beat.

“But now it is time to end this event. I have new pressing matters to attend to and assure you all, we are changing your county and this state for the better.” Debins says as shakes his hands high over his head. Most of the crowd applauds while others seem to be left in dismay. They watch as their Senator gathers his assistant, security team and proceeds to exit the building. Unidentifiable words are shouted from the crowd and paid reporters take pictures of him smiling and shaking hands.

The Senator quickly makes his way to the upper levels of the building towards his temporary office. “How many of these fucking town hall shitfests do I have to attend? Seriously, if my father thinks this is what it takes to help further his campaign and also my career then he can shove is straight up his ass. I have better things to do with my time” Debins yells as he throws his suit jacket to his assistant. She remains quiet and passive. After all, she knows what this is all about. Henry didn’t hire her, it was one his fathers administration workers that did it.

As the two proceed to the office and open the door, the security guards are left at the end of the hall. There, Henry encounters a box sitting upon his desk. Wrapped in brown packaging and a card taped to the top. Henry reaches for the box. “What do we have here? he says.

Henry, here is some good stuff. Had it brought to you early this evening. Thought it could take the edge off!

A sudden sense of relief comes over Henry as he holds the box like Gollum holding the ring. “It’s about damn time this showed up. I’ve been feeling down all day.” Henry says. As Henry opens the box, his assistant comes up behind him. “Are you sure you want to do that here? Right now?” she says.

“Did it matter the last hundred times I’ve done this?” he says giving her a scornful look.

The assistant turns around and walks out the door, slamming it behind her. Leaving Henry alone to his own devices. “Good, leave you stupid bitch. Once I get this recent scandal out of my way. I’m sending your ass to do campaign pitches in the bumble fuck hills of West Virginia.” Quickly Henry pulls the wrapping off and inside is another white box… but one that is made of styrofoam and was cold to the touch. “Odd, never had my shit given to me like this. Must be something new.” Henry says with a speculative tone.

Henry opens the lid to the white foam box and cold steam pours forth. Inside Henry sees a glistening powder one that he has never encountered before. He sniffs to get a scent of this fabulous concoction and smiles. The fresh smell reminds him of his childhood days playing in the winter. The days before all of this political life came crashing down around him. Before his father decided to make it a career. Henry touches the powder with his fingers and quickly shivers to its icy touch. “Shit this stuff is cold” he says as he pulls his finger out in amazement. “This must give you a fucking rush!” Henry says with a smile careening across his face.

Quickly Henry sits at the table and pushes aside anything in his way. He takes out his letter opener from the desk and prepares a line of this newly acquired substance. “Get busy living buddy!” he says as he leans down and presses a finger to his left nostril. Henry quickly runs his nose to the bottom of the freshly made line and quickly runs his head upwards while snorting the entire thing. While most drugs make Henry feel numb and hot, this was something different. Instantly everything went cold. The feeling of his face freezing spread like liquid pouring all over. Eventually the room began to haze and all the sounds, whether they be outside or just the clock arm moving; began to intensify. Everything seemed pure and light was exaggerated one thousand times over. Henry smiled and rolled back in his chair. Then, then he heard something. A faint calling that seemed like miles away. Henry looked around the room to see if someone snuck in. Barely registering what he heard before Henry went back to enjoying this new sensation. But the voice, it returned. This time a slight chuckle that slowly progressed closer and closer.

“Is anyone there?” Henry says in a dismal way. He stands up and begins to wobble around the room, checking the adjoining bathroom and closet. Even looking in cabinets. The voice began again and this time much closer and shaking his core. “Henry! Henry my boy!” the voice says in a raspy guttural tone. “Who is it? Where are you?” Henry screams as he spins around urgently looking for the intruder. “Whoever you are, you better know who I am. You’re messing with the wrong man!” Henry yells. A chuckle begins to sound and Henry shakes as a pain quickly shoots down his neck and into his feet. Like tiny punctures stabbing on the inside of Henry’s skin! Henry quickly digs his fingers into his chest to stop the pain but it does nothing. Like trying to scratch yourself under layers of clothing. But the pain continued, quickly depleting all the air from Henry’s lungs! God even the air coming out was painful to his mouth.

“What is… going on! What are you doing to me? Please tell me where you are!” Henry pleads to the invisible intruder. “Henry, Henry, Henry I’m right here. Inside you.” the voice calmly says. “WHO ARE YOU!” Henry screams as a new jolt of stabbing coldness bursts into his brain. “I’m just your favorite neighborhood snowman… Jack Frost!” the voice rings out. Henry stops and stares. “That’s right Henry! I’m in your brain now! That nice line of coke you did wasn’t coke, it was snow you bastard! Snow that happens to be made up of me and now I am spreading deep into your body! I control you Henry!” Jack says. “No no no, this can’t be happening.” Henry screams as he pounds the sides of his head with his fists. “Believe it you fuck face spoiled brat.” Jack says in a laughing tone. “And the best part, is just about to happen! You’re going to suffer and die! Then I am going to use your bodies water to come back for good!” Jacks laughter pounds around in Henry’s brain like thunder.

As Henry circles the room like a blind lost mad animal, Jack begins to do his worst. Sharp icicles protrude out from Henry’s body in rapid succession. Leaving traces of Henry’s blood staining his clothing. The very breathe that Henry spews from his mouth is followed by splatters of blood that plummets to the carpet, staining the floor as Henry tosses his body in agonizing pain. In an attempt to rise up, Henry arches his back upwards as the icicles jut out, making Henry seem like a rabid porcupine with cloudy blood stained quills. He claws at his eyes as thousands of tiny icy shards dig into his eyeballs. All while a deep laugh echoes out into Henry’s mind.

“Hehehe” gurgles Jack. “We have to separate the liquids pal.” Then blood begins streaming from every open orifice in Henry’s body. His ears and nose fill with mucus and blood. Even Henry’s anus bleeds massive amounts of blood and shit. Henry thrusts his arms around, desperately trying to hit at anything causing him pain. But to no avail, Henry makes no progress in thwarting his attacker. Streams of blood pour forth and paint the walls around Henry. Then the shards of ice stop for a brief moment and Henry is left gasping for air. “Just one more push you cock!” Jack says.

Suddenly a burst inside Henry’s abdomen comes a jolt of icy cold pain. Searing and forceful, a punctured rip, chords from the high left Henry’s chest and cascades diagonally down to his lower right. Like an open pig stall Henry’s entire inside bursts forth. The insides of Henry pour out in frozen chunks and thump to the floor. Blood drips from the torn skin like he was a torn bag. Henry falls flat on the ground. No more town hall meetings, no more cover ups and campaigning for his father. The life he knows freezes in existence as the coldness begins to leave his body.

Like a wintery breeze the room gusts to life as the living liquid begins to turn to snow. Rising upwards and swirling around the room like whirlpool of white. The lights flicker as the circuits frost over and blow. Then the door to the office begins to open as the assistant returns with water and some paper towels. Usual benders from Henry involve vast amounts of clean up. Clean ups that she always has to handle.

As she enters the room she see’s before her, a man made of snow. Smiling and twirling his snowy arms in a maniacal dance. The sound of crunching packs of snow fill as the snow man snarls his evil laughter. She freezes in place as the snowman turns to her and chuckles. “Guess who’s back sweaty!” Jack says. Quickly the snowman heads for the window and crashes through in a display of sheer power. His body plummets to the ground as he quickly disperses into a swarming flurry of snow that quickly takes flight off into the night. Henry’s assistant stands out from the broken window, staring in disbelief as her former bosses body lays slaughtered, thawing and drenched in blood. “He’s back!” she says as a smile comes across her face. “It worked my friend!”

The End

Thanks for checking out my post. I wrote this for one of my Scenes to Be Seen series and wanted to separate this story from the actual post about one of my favorite scenes in the movie Jack Frost. I always wanted to do a story about Jack Frost coming back to reign some more snowy terror.

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