Father of The Monster Bride

I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love. He buys a ring, she buys a dress; they say “I do.” I was wrong. That’s getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition. I know, I’ve just been through one with my own creation. I’ll be honest with you, when I bought my house seventeen years ago, it costs less than this “blessed” event. I’m even told that one day I will look back on all this with great affection and nostalgia. Normally I would agree with that endearing sentiment. But in this regard, my past memories are swarmed with only nightmarish blots of terror, blood and savagery.

My name is Dr. George Banks and this my tale. Everything started when I was working in my lab one night. It was an ideal setting. A raging storm waged war upon the earth outside. Lightning flashing like a paparazzi mob, flooding through the windows of my attic. A constant murmur from the generators and electrodes monotonously hummed and became as personal a sound to me as my own breathing. A perfect stage for what mad scientists like me consider an “ideal setting.”

As my work was coming to an end and I, getting ready to retire for the night; heard a gentle tapping outside the dormer window behind me. Thinking it was a branch from the nearby tree or even a bird, I investigated. While drawing closer to the glass panel a crack of lightning struck and before me, for a quick glimmer of time; I saw a face. Furrowed, and filled with malice. Skin aged and withering like some organic rotting rock. I stepped back in fear. Then it snickered and slammed its enormous hand through the window, sending a barrage of glass and water spraying all around me. It grabbed me by my collar and pulled me out into the night storm.

It held me outward over the ledge of my roof. Rain came down in countless drops. “Doctor Banks I presume” the monster bellowed in a deep raspy voice that sounded like the rolling thunder around me. My eyes strained from the single handed choke hold that had me. Tingly rasps of pain jolted down my legs as the natural pull of blood seemed to accumulate at the lowest point of my body.

“Wh… whooo… are you?” I managed to bellow from what little breathe I had. The hulking brute pulled me closely to his face and jeered with a hellish grin. “Don’t you recognize the work by your teacher?” he exclaimed while waning his grip enough for me to breathe in wet cold air. “I am the creation, the monster of your master. Trekked the world have I in search of Dr Frankensteins remaining pupils. You being the last of his probationers.” he said.

As my mind came to ease, I instantly found myself driven with fear unimaginable. “No, no no. I didn’t have anything to do with your making. I fled the country before his treachery unfolded.” I pleaded as my face trembled in terror. For in that moment all clarity let me truly see the monstrous carcass before me. He looked hulking and dominating while wearing a trench jacket made of shredded animal pelts that cloaked his mass. It deceptively gave his enormity a smooth waving flow. The skin of his bodice looked like unmatched patchwork sewn forcibly by someone who was blind. Large protruding stitches looked tattered and twisted. Rotted flesh wrapped the interlaced sutures and I felt myself sickened at thought of his touch.

The man beast hurled a laughter so loud that it seemed to orchestrate with the surrounding lightning. “Your kind will all pay. All of your associates I have maimed and slaughtered. Patches of their flesh I now wear as my own adopted reminder. A trophy to my enduring existence and your flesh is the last that I need.” he said as he ripped open his cloak. Revealing one open patch of flesh that remained a shallower hole into deep black and coagulated bloody muscle fibers.

It seemed as if all time had stopped as I tried explain my way out of an excruciating death. “Please don’t do this. I could help! I could give you anything you want!” I said like a pleading child. The creature paused, expression seeming thoughtful and then it smiled. “You shall make me my bride.” it said with a grin. As his words flooded my head he made one last grip at my neck which made me spasm. Then he hurled me back through the shattered window and my body flung and tumbled to the end of the laboratory. My body burned and shot numerous pains all over. As I regained my feet and stood up, I faced the new hole in the wall and he stood there looking through. “You have one year. One year to complete her and you will live.” he said while pointing his finger at me. Then lightning flashed once more. My vision went white for a split second and when everything came back, the creature was gone. The rain outside falling like nothing had occurred. I trembled and ran my fingers through my wet hair and shook. Within seconds I heard the pounding feet on the stairs approaching and my assistant named Franck came lurching through the door.

I discovered Franck a couple years back as a washed up hunchback failing out of a miserable career as a wedding planner. He ended up slaughtering his coworker and using his skin to fasten himself a new dress for an unsuspecting client. It was a messy affair but seeing his proclivity for butchery, I quickly abetted him by clearing his past in return for unquestionable subjugation. He spoke with a strange eastern European accent which is odd… because I swear he was from Canada. “Maesta! Vat happeen in hare? he said in a high pitched voice. I simply brushed the rest of the debris from my shoulders and grabbed Franck by the collar. “We have work do.” I said while tossing him to the side and made my way out the door.

As the weeks unfolded the plans would be made. Our creation would be a fine young woman but in order to do so, it would require the collecting of fresh body parts. Even though Franck was a psychotic murdering freak, he had this issue with using dead bodies from cemeteries or funeral homes. “Seriosolee, Gorge. Ef zes gal most bay made, den we betta make shur it don wit sum sanse of elcass.” he would say. So instead, Franck and I worked the streets by bringing in unsuspecting women into our home and… harvesting the necessary objects. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty messy business in creating a monster human. The entire situation was a blood bath and many times the limbs or organs just didn’t match. Sometimes you saw an eyeball of a woman that looked good, but everything else didn’t match up. Just like hot dog buns, you purchase a pack of hot dogs and when you go try to get the buns; they sell you twelve! The same is with our victims. So much superfluous body parts that we don’t need! Eventually the scraps of organs and limbs kind of piled up in the backyard to the point where the stench was overwhelmingly noticeable. Actually, the entire process was getting a little too much. Every victim was a pretty price to pay and Franck just wouldn’t back off at the costs of getting a new arm or leg. My checkbook was taking the most damage.

But “life” goes on and eventually all of our work paid off and on one dark and stormy night, we attempted to bring forth life into our precious creation. The ensemble of parts was complete and ready on a cold metal slab. It was wrapped in bandages and resting on a table. Wires were protruding out from the body like it was a circuit board. The tension in the room was at its thickest and I looked to Franck and nodded. He immediately hit a switch, thus making the generators and turbines turn on. I even rigged up my classic Austin-Healey 3000 to the body in order to give it a little more juice. Franck sat in the drivers seat, wearing sun glasses and driving hat while he pressed on the gas to rev the engine. I pulled the main switch to begin the electric flow and instant sparks flew from above. The crackle and smell of burning flesh wafted through the air and all about us a humming electric prickle could be felt at the back of our necks. As if any minute a bolt of electricity would reach out and zap you to death. Franck screamed in glee as he sat in the drivers seat “Look ate mwa Gorge! I am dreving dawn za sunny coast! WAHAHAHAAHA!” The guy always has a positive attitude. “GIVE IT MORE GAS YOU JERK!” I screamed as I analyzed the gauges running low.

Surge after surge pulsed into the dormant vessel until eventually… a pinky finger began to twitch. I screamed to Franck “Shut it off! Shut if off, you fool!” Franck quickly cut the engine and jumped out of the car. Standing beside me in wonder as the I beat the chest of our experiment. “LIVE! MY CREATION! LIVE” I screamed.

An eye shuttered open and stared in bewilderment. Everything about us seemed as though the air stopped moving. I walked closer to the table and stealthily slid my hand under hers and gently squeezed. The hand returned the gesture and I bent over her face. “Hello, do you know who I am? I’m your dad.” I said in a such a soft tone that could have been mistaken for a patter of wings. Franck approached behind me, hands wrapped over my shoulder. “And I am ya uancle Franck ma deer.” he said. Franck looked at me and gave a small chuckle. The creation before us, in a sense of awe and fear; started rising from the slab with slow and jerky motions. Her burned garments swaying left and right from the rooms natural air currents which made her seem like a graceful specter hovering over the earth. A hand rose up to her chin and tore her dressings away like discarded onion peels. Revealing a face, tattered and torn. Patchworks of so many skin tones and thicknesses was stitched together like an intricate mosaic and for once in my life, I felt a sense of pride like no other. Her one eye was hazel and the other it was blue. Her hair protruded around her with a streak of white running on the right of her head. She stood and peered deep into my eyes, instantly knowing who I was. With her arms shaking, she rose and came out to me and her mouth formed into a smile. I smiled back and instantly gave her, her name.

“Annie” I said as tears began to roll down my face. Franck began to weep and we both stood there as if standing before an elaborate piece of divine work. My Annie stood up from the table and much like a toddler, took her first steps. I began to approach and reach out my hand to her for aid when out of know where shot out a massive palm with five gargantuan fingers. It was in this moment that all the glory and wonder of our task became a dark haze for it was the creature and he was standing beside us. His entrance to the lab went unnoticed and I looked at him in fear and dumb struck wonder. He took hold of Annies hands and positioned himself in front of me and Franck as quickly and silently as a shadow. Franck looked at me and we both trembled in anguish. He came, he came for his bride. The monster spoke only a few words that I couldn’t hear and turned towards us, still holding her hand. Annie stood beside the monster and seemed at peace and happy. “We will go now.” said the monster in a low rumble.

As the newlyweds made their way to the exit door, Franck was driven into hysterical madness. “NAAAAHHHH!” he screamed while shaking his finger in protest. “Yoush cennot tak her!” Out of lost composure Franck didn’t think about his choices and rushed to the side of the monster, frantically smacking him on his shoulder. “Franck NOOO!” I screamed in aimless urgency. The beast ominously turned his head and like a fly, he swatted Franck across the room. Francks body flew like a rag doll and slammed into one of the generators. It exploded into a million brilliant sparks that cascaded all around. Francks body mangled and torn started to char and stink from the electricity now coursing and cooking his body. “He howled in a stuttering guttural tone as his eyes and hair all lit fire. His body rolled away and sank to the ground as it lay there smoldering, smoking and stench-filled. I dropped to my knees and broke down, hands shaking and mind running rampant. My friend and companion perishing before my eyes. I swear we were destined to be a comedy duo, fated for at least another sequel. But now he’s gone! Taken from me by this… this monster who is now taking my forged together daughter!

“Please, don’t take her from me! She means so much to me! She is all I have!” I cried out to the monster. They kept walking and didn’t look back, whatever I was to this creation Annie was only a past remnant. I was the one that brought her into this world. I was the one that she looked to with high fidelity. Now, this damn monster of a man thinks he can just take my precious creation away! I wouldn’t take it. I ran to the wall, almost stumbling from my grievances and lust for revenge. I grabbed my splitting axe and knew what I had to do. If I couldn’t have my little girl… then know one would. I would end this all myself. I ran after them as they made their way down the steps and out the front door to my home.

My first blow came swiftly careening down upon the monsters right shoulder. Slicing deep into his body like that hot knife through butter. Annie jumped to the side and screamed in terror as her groom howled in agony. I pulled the axe out and went for another strike, menacingly grinding my teeth and spitting globs of saliva down my lip. “You, you cannot have her. She’s mine and I created her. She means nothing to you, but she’s everything to me!” I said to the beast. I shook with rage and hurled myself forward. The creature evaded my next strike and rolled away. This fight started drawing a crowd as my neighbors began to leave their homes to see the commotion. They all saw the fight ensuing and quickly did what all good mobs do and retrieve their pitch forks and clubs. The monster rose and howled into my face but I wouldn’t back down. Swipe after swipe I threw at him. At one point I made contact and cut deep into his left side and he tanked to the ground. His black blood sprayed forth all over. The neighbors being the good folk they are joined in with my barrages, sending painful blows upon the monsters body. It was in this moment that I knew how great my neighborhood mob was and how much I could rely on these good townsfolk. Especially when it comes to an unjustified sense of hostility.

When out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Annie rushing into the crowd. She ripped her hand through the back and out from the chest of my neighbor Paul. His still beating heart pulsating in her hand. He gurgled and went lifeless before my eyes and Annies face went into explicit joy. Terrifying and powerful she plowed through each mob member like they were scraps of paper. Tearing limbs off and beating their faces into ground meat. The air smelled like feces and guts while people mindful of their doom began to flee and scream. I simply stood there in silence, jaw open like a broken door; unable to truly capture the violence I was witnessing. It all seemed like slow motion as Annie fought off this crowd. The monster groom gained his footing and picked up my neighbor Nancy in his grasp. He violently swung her to and fro like a medieval flail. Bones crunched and blood splattered as he used her body to thrash anyone unfortunate to be caught in his path. Nancy’s corpse flopped from his hand like a red strip of bacon dripping brain matter and blood. Annie and her groom met at the middle and roared in unison at any who dared stay in their wake.

The grass from my front yard looked demolished and stained dark red. My Annie and this monster stood there, looking like a triumphant couple and for once… I understood. They belonged together and it was my job to let go. She wasn’t my little girl creation anymore. As important as I am to this wonderful young woman I had just created, I knew it was for me to step aside and let her cherish another. As I thought this, all life seemed to come to a focal point for me and I began to cry and lament my actions. I dropped my axe and walked cautiously forward. Extending my arm to the creature I just tried to kill. As I approached I smiled and gave a mocking gesture of good faith to them both. All seemed fine as the monster reached out his hand to me and smiled. But instead of a good hardy handshake, he quickly clutched my hand and pulled me forward. He gripped the side of my body and picked me up above his head. Neighbors who still had not run for the hills pointed at me in terror and trembled at the sheer power. I was unable to move and release myself from such a monstrous grasp and then everything began to stab and tear as the monster began to pull. I looked down and witnessed his eyes bolden with anger. Annie lay her head on her grooms shoulder, smiling and simply cherishing this moment. All turned to red burning scorching pain as the sound of my intestines and skin ripping, echoed and beat up through my inner core and clouded my ears. Bones began to brake and with each twist, I could feel organs being punctured. With one last good pull the creature tore me in two. Blood showered the bride and groom like a morning rain upon their faces and they both smiled to one another. He tossed my lower part aside into bushes and my top part to the porch of my house. I slammed down upon the welcome mat and lay there, bloody with intestines sprawled and dangling like cathedral bell ropes.

As I began to simmer into darkness and numbness, I reached out my hand to the newlyweds and whelped “Ann…niiieee.” The blurred figures of my daughter and her groom faded as they walked away. Never to be seen or heard of again. The only memory of them would be of the bloody occurrence known as the Banks Wedding Day Massacre hosted by the monster and his bride. But as my eyes began to close forever, a dark face flooded my vision and I knew no more.

A much long time later, I awoke in what I remembered as my own bed. The sun was shining brightly in through the windows of the room. Everything seemed blurry and opaque, like a semi-transparent film was covering my eyes. Deep pain went up my body as I tried to move and I attempted to speak for anyone to hear. My bedroom opened very slowly and a figure stepped backwards through the door. His face was charred and dripping with rotting flesh but he wore the most spectacular leisure suit. It was Franck, my illustrious coworker and friend. I couldn’t tell if he was smiling because his lips were missing but his pearly white teeth chattered in excitement. “Gorge! I em seo glahd yo awr awakey mr sleepay pahnts!” he said in a happy tone. I tried pushing myself forward and out but struggled to move my lower part of my body. “Nah nah mwaw frand, yo haev too pass yorself. Rally Gorge, Ich deed ze bast I cod.” he exclaimed while pressing his hand to his heart and shedding a tear from his eye that rolled down his scorched cheek. “What do… you mean?” I said as my temper began to rise. “Weel Gorge, you say, I fond you nare death and then I sawved you.” Franck said while looking nervous. As he said this the sheets down under my waist punched upward frantically. I grabbed the sheet with one hand but Franck quickly placed his hand upon mine holding me in place so I could not move. “Naw Gorge, dow nat be elarmed.” he warned me. As we both pulled the blanket aside what was once my lower adult human legs were now wildly kicking infantile appendages. They battered left and right and it sent a tickle up my spine. It’s like I was in the twilight zone and seeing the younger me split with the present me right now! “Yah see, des is all I had to woke with mine frand.” Franck desperately tried to tell me. Franck being a novice to the practice did his best to suture a babies bottom half to my upper half. I looked ridiculous, like an oversized melting light bulb resting on a lamp socket. So now here I am the once Father of The Monster Bride now half man and half baby. As I sat there in my bed with my tiny feet dangling, Franck rested his head on my shoulder and said “Wal naw, I guess a seqwal cane now happhen, eh Gorge?”


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