Scenes To Be Seen – Words Of Wisdom

Welcome to 2022 everyone! It’s good to be back to writing and I hope everyone else had a great holiday season. I’m looking forward to this new year and what kinds of things I will be working on. I hope you all can enjoy more of my content as well. Some more Scenes To Be Seen posts, more Rear View Mirror Reviews, some short stories and then a few new ideas I have up my sleeve. All in all, it’s good to be back and doing this hobby that I for some reason cannot give up. As much as I love the horror genre, I think there is an equal amount of love when it comes to writing about horror. Horror movies make me happy. I can’t explain it, maybe I’m a little psychotic. But I tend to take certain parts of our favorite films and apply them to life.

For instance, this past year has been a complete wreck. I’m sick and tired of Covid-19. Not really the virus but the irrational behavior about the entire thing. I am sick of people wearing masks and expecting everyone else to do the same. The other day I was driving outside of my neighborhood and saw a man out on a boat fishing. The sun was shining and the air was cool. Just a pristine kind of atmosphere that you only find in Florida. But the guy was wearing a fucking mask! Out on a boat in the middle of a small water reserve! Who the fuck is this guy going to infect, the fish?

People are just insane with this thing and I think they love it. No seriously, people love the drama this virus has caused. They loved it when the stores were running low on toilet paper. They love purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk and they love posting their hoarding of shit wipes online. They love it that they can call innocent people out for not wearing a mask. They love telling people who they deem “bad” to be Nazi’s or murderers. But what they love is a little slice of authority. People love power and they love bossing everyone around and the virus is giving them an excuse to be authoritarian. They love blaming people who aren’t vaccinated and love seeing them get sick and die.

At the same time, I do get that there are people that love trolling everyone. So wearing a thong as a mask is a dick thing to do. Awesome… but it is a dick thing to do. But those trolls, those people that look to unsettle people, are much funnier and tolerable than the bitchy white ladies telling her coworkers on a Zoom meeting to wear a mask cause she’s afraid of the maskless. A troll will do less damage than that moron that locked her kid in the back of the trunk of her car because he was sick and she was afraid of getting Covid.

The entire thing is just a means for people to virtue signal to the max. Some lady took a covid test while on a plane. She then decided to lock herself in the bathroom for three hours! But she did a live video feed of herself talking about how she wants to “keep people safe” and a bunch of other bull shit. NO! You just want fame! You’re using victimhood and a sickness to gain some notoriety.

Look at all these Hollywood shit suckers that announce they have Covid. They make a big deal about it and what is worse, the crowd sucks it up like a prostitute at a long shoreman union party. I hate the elites that think they’re something special and their sickness should be taken seriously. No, you’re not special! You’re expendable and your virtue signaling is why people are watching your shows less and less. Just look at this cuck dancing and praising a vaccine. He’s doesn’t know how to be funny and he knows it.

I’m just sick of it all. The entire thing is like a big monster that is taking all the common sense and rationality of everyone. It just gets bigger and bigger where there seems to be no normal people left. I feel… I feel like my good friend R.J. MacReady from 1982’s The Thing! Yea, R.J. had the right idea! When your world is collapsing and the Karens are screaming in your face like the ugly outer space aliens they are! Wanting to make your world a living shit hole, you do what R.J. MacReady does and deliver a line that will make an impact! That’s why I love this movie and it has to be my most favorite scene and line in the entire movie.

“Yea, fuck you too!” is what we need to say. Say it to the ass clowns that think everyone that disagrees with them is a Nazi. Say it to the politicians that say “wear a mask” but then go to Florida and party without one on! Say it to the fucking Hollywood elites that say you’re killing the planet while they fly their private jets! YEA! FUCK YOU TOO ASSHOLES! I’m done wearing your masks. That’s right, I don’t even care about your science or your grandmother. Breathing openly is something you can’t restrict. I’d rather live happily than be someone constantly living in fear of something like Coronavirus. “Yea, fuck you too!” to all the ass clown news networks that keep pushing the fear of it all on stupid people! You did it, you got the orange bastard out of office now leave us alone! Yea, FUCK YOU TOO! to anyone that reads this and is offended. MacReady gives us all words of wisdom that we need to live by. Take off the mask and enjoy your life. Welcome to 2022!

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  1. River Dixon says:

    I have a friend (I know, I can’t believe it either) who is finally breaking out of the hive-mind and he said that he just can’t believe that he’s been lied to for the past two years. I told him, sorry buddy, but you’ve been lied to your entire life.

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    1. nscovell says:

      It’s easy to get caught up in it all. The idea that you’re part of something “greater” has been mankind’s biggest virus. Thank goodness we have horror movies to keep us sane.

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