Horror Movie Marathon 2021 Recap

Another Horror Movie Marathon has come and gone and this post is just a way to blow off some steam. Boy am I pooped, but now I get to spend these few months relaxing. Oh wait, it’s November! Which means we have Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then New Years. Damnit who the hell put four holidays together like this? I swear to God this is done on purpose by the government! They do this shit so consumers like you and I have to spend a butt load of money in faithful sequences. Just think about it. In the month of October, you give all your money to Hershey and Spirit of Halloween. Then in November you spend all your money on the grocery market and the gas companies cause you have to drive fourteen fucking hours to New Jersey to see your family like me! Then in December you have give your money to toy companies. Then to put a cherry on top of it all, you give all your money to the alcohol companies cause staying up past twelve doesn’t mean jack shit if you’re not drunk. By the end of everything you’re nothing but a shell of your former self and all you want to do is hibernate like a grizzly bear.

That’s how I feel right now, a tired grizzly bear. I wish I could be a grizzly bear. I would gladly eat all those twigs and rocks so it lodges in my ass! Acting like a dam for the amount of shits I will hold up when I’m sleeping. Yea, bet you didn’t know bears did that did you? It’s called a fecal plug and I’d rather have one of those than having to think about Thanksgiving right now. I don’t even think I could make it without blowing my brains out. Oh God, the commercials are already doing Christmas ads and Lowes has completely started the Christmas decor. My kids asked to watch A Garfields Christmas this morning and my wife said we should decorate Christmas early because we’re leaving the week before Thanksgiving and it would be good to be home with the house looking festive! I NEED REST! Can’t they tell I just did a thirty one day horror movie marathon? Oh yea, the marathon. I lost my train of thought there for a while.

What a good marathon we had! I am completely proud of this one, one of the best! Hurray for me for waking up most mornings around four and writing out posts about movies. Hurray for you too for reading them and following a long. It means a great deal to know people appreciate these posts. But without any further ado and one last send off, here are your thirty one films for Horror Movie Marathon 2021!

I’ve got to be honest, by the end of the marathon the posting fatigue was setting in. It’s real hard to come up with introductions to these movies. Especially when you write them out the day of the post. Seriously, I need to start preparing for this shit earlier. It’s always the same, the month of October gets closer and I keep telling myself to get on the ball. To write out thorough posts that have an intriguing angle to them and to schedule their posts dates on a faithful timeline.

But I keep putting it off day after day. I have all the movies picked, I just don’t hunker down and write about them. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have all the posts written out and ready to go a month in advance? Then this way I could even go back and make edits to them. Fixing grammar and erasing politically incorrect things that could get me cancelled? But no, I don’t do that. September thirtieth comes around and I’m like “Holy shit slut! I need to write about Evil Dead!” Then I make love to my wife in half the time it takes me to make love for two minutes and start typing long into the night. This kind of procrastination is definitely stressful.

It’s the same thing with Halloween decorations. I always get pissed about not putting more effort into the decorations and costume. I always promise myself that I will start a savings account for just Halloween. My entire vision is to walk into Spirit of Halloween (like the government wants me to) and purchase as much shit so I can have the most kick ass house on the block. But I don’t. I always rush to make my costume and look at the dude down the street who set up a mini haunted house with jealousy. I tell myself, start thinking about next year and come up with something cool. But I don’t. I know it’s a tradition to rush just like it’s my tradition to wake up at four in the morning and write about a zombie movie.

But I do work hard and hope you all like what I present to you. I feel like this year was a pretty solid collection one that I can look back on fondly. What I desire is to run the gamut of movies from a long history of horror. There should be enough films from all the ages to make people happy and to give a larger view. Although looking back, I wish I had included a few more Golden Age classics. But I do what I can do and there is no regret. I hope you all liked my content. It is my hope that newbies can be inspired to watch a few horror films and gain some level of appreciation for the genre. If just one movie amongst the thirty one did that, then it is enough to satisfy me. Another hope is to build a bond with other horror fanatics like myself. I always make new friends during this time and enjoy the conversations with like minded people. If anything the horror community is not, then it would unfriendly. You’re all great people and your support makes it worth it all.

So thank you again. Please know that I take a small break for a month or two. This way it lets me clear my head and plan the next year of posts. I already have some good ideas brewing and hope you all will continue your support. Last year I took on some creative writing and attempted some short stories which you can see here.

I’ve always done a few parody comics and will do a few more.

But I also do another series called Scenes To Be Seen where I discuss some of my favorite moments in horror films. It’s a pretty fun series and last year, I did one scene for every Freddy Krueger film. This year I have a few others in mind as a series and think it should be fun. But you can check those out right here.

So that is my pitch to keep you checking out my content. If horror is just a seasonal thing for you then that’s cool. I’ll see you next year for Horror Movie Marathon 2022! But to all of you horror hounds, you’re like a family to me. Your support means the world and I ask for you to do two things. One is to keep up the enthusiasm. Keep loving horror and to constantly have fun watching new movies. Two is to keep supporting other fans. Comment on peoples posts, even if it’s a stupid little one. Just say something and get involved. Its the best thing to write a post and know someone took the time to read it. Hell, taking the time to scroll to the bottom just to comment means a lot. But thanks all the same. Hope you had a great horror season and I look forward to hearing from you.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Dante says:

    With the marathon done….

    What happens round these here parts when we’re not doing horrors back to back …?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      I do a bunch of other series actually. Also I have been doing some short horror stories and some comics. I actually have a quota for about three or five posts a month for the next year. My goal is to hit 100 posts in a year. But only with stuff I enjoy writing. Hope you keep checking it out.


      1. Dante says:

        That is awesome! More stuff to read.

        Goals, nice. How close are you to the 100 posts this year?

        I’ve found my horror home, I’m not going anywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. nscovell says:

        LOL, I only hit 56 this year. That’s why I am going balls to the wall next year. But I will get there! I will… get there.


      3. Dante says:

        I get that, and happy belated birthday.!

        That’s the spirit!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. nscovell says:

      You can see some of my short horror stories here:

      I’m not a seasoned writer though.


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