HMM Day 31 – The Mortuary Collection

Happy Halloween and welcome to the last day of my Horror Movie Marathon 2021. This will be short and sweet because I have some Halloween scaring to get to tonight. But for my last movie of the marathon I would like to leave you with a special modern day anthology horror movie that I think you would all like. It’s called The Mortuary Collection and it’s guaranteed to be a perfect collection of horror stories that will make you smile.

The Mortuary Collection is a 2019 anthology horror film directed by Ryan Spindell and stars Clancy Brown, Caitlin Custer, Christine Kilmer, Jacob Elordi, Barak Hardley, Sarah Hay and Mike C. Nelson. the film follows four separate stories, including one frame story. It received mostly positive reviews from critiques and was very successful on streaming services.

The Story

After the funeral of a child, a mortician by the name of Montgomery Dark is in the process of interviewing a new applicant named Sam. A youthful young girl who’s story becomes more than it seems. As the interview proceeds Montgomery tells Sam various stories of people dying. But as the stories unfold, so do Sams intentions.

I found The Mortuary Collection on Shudder and instantly fell in love with it. Horror anthologies are a big hit or miss for me. Usually what happens is a horror anthology comes out and each story is pretty low budget or their just not appealing. The worst thing is when you get a horror anthology that is meant to be a continual series. But then sequels never come. Tales of Halloween that comes to mind. VHS is the only series that has maintained the ongoing franchise and I truly hope The Mortuary Collection does this as well.

What you have with the mortuary is a different kind of horror anthology. Most anthology films tend to have a pretty lame wraparound that focuses on the short stories. But The Mortuary Collection seems to have a wrapper that is the main focus of the film. The shorts are basically meant to push the story along, they don’t even have title screens which implies this isn’t just a simple “throw a bunch of shorts together.” Which is a big problem I have with many anthology films. Usually they’re just a bunch of youtube videos thrown together. But Mortuary Collection is a complete film, the cinematography is very single minded and in that you feel like you’re watching a complete work and not an anthology film.

Segment 1 features a very short clip of a woman using a bathroom at a party. There she encounters an interesting discovery in the medicine cabinet.

While another story takes us to a college campus where a young man learns a hard lesson in not wearing protection. Then another story about a man who is taking care of his sick wife. These are all very short stories and work well in interjection some sort of story with the main wrapper. Each time the story ends, Sam seems to critique the tales. It is then in this last story that we are given a much bigger picture as to who Sam is and what her true intentions are.

The entire thing unfolds into a suspenseful ending and leaves us to believe the tales will continue. But the movie is a well toned film with deep atmosphere. Everything seems to be set in an older time period and we’re not bogged down with modern settings. The setting of the mortuary is brilliantly constructed and sets the mood for a well cooked Halloween film. Clancy Brown as Montgomery Dark is a pretty cool character and seems to pull his style from Phantasms Tall Man. Each short story is like a small piece of candy. Enough to fill you with delight and wishing for more. I for one love this movie and thats why this is a great day thirty one choice for my Horror Movie Marathon!

Thanks For Reading!

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