HMM Day 24 – The Brain

I’m sorry this post seems to be coming a little later than usual. But this morning has unfolded into a crazy chain of events. You see, my wife and I are in desperate need of help with our son. We just don’t know how to deal with his lack of respect for us and the people around him. He won’t pay attention in school and it seems we just don’t connect with him any longer. I try talking to him but he just doesn’t care about anything we have to say. I don’t get it, how can he not be interested in World War 2 battle formations or talking about my awesome state quarter collection? He used to be such a sweet boy that followed me around like a shadow. But now, it’s like an ocean remains between us and his mother and I are on the shoreline desperately waving to him. It’s… terribly sad and we just want our little man back.

But we have hope because this morning we brought him to a special place. It’s called PRI and it’s an amazing establishment that promises to give us our little boy back. From what we were told, his mother and I won’t have to do anything. Dr. Blakely affirmed our trust in his process and guess what! After just one visit to the Psychological Research Institute, we already see a change in our son. He’s helping up around the house and spending real quality time with his mother and I. But he also watches television with us that features our very friendly Dr. Anthony Blakely called Independent Thinking. At first, I was against the show because it did seem corny. But our son insisted and now, we’re just a happy family. Sitting there with our tv dinners and watching Dr. Blakely speak about being together as a family.

I’ll tell you what, nothing has made us happier. We want to send our warm regards to Dr. Blakely and the PRI. Whatever “big brain” came up with this research must be out of this world. I think my wife and I are going to make our own appointment with Dr. Blakely. We talked to him and he said we’d be perfect for his new developments!

The Brain is a 1988 Canadian horror film directed by Edward Hunt and stars Tom Bresnahan, Cynthia Preston, George Buza and David Gale. It never received a theatrical release and was most likely one of those movies you always passed in your local VHS rental store.

The Story

Jim Majelewski is a joker and has gotten into trouble with his school. Without any other option his parents have enrolled him to undergo treatment at the Psychological Research Institute under the attention of a Dr. Blakely! Little does Jim know that the real authority behind the institute is a giant alien brain hellbent on controlling the masses! Jim soon opens the doors to a televised take over of monstrous proportions.

Today is Sunday and it’s one of those days that needs a good crappy horror film. The Brain is as awesomely schlocky as one could get. If you’re looking for a movie that is so bad that it’s good then this movie is right for you. I first encountered this movie when I was a fairly young child and even at that young of an age, the brain was more funny than terrifying monster. What makes this funny is that the creators probably tried their best to make a scary monster but in doing so pretty much made a giant mad balls creature.

Just imagine a giant pissed off brain with a face. It has long sharp teeth and has big black menacing eyes. I have no idea how the thing moves around. It has a tail so I suspect it slithers like a snake or propels itself like Coily from the game Q-Bert. But the thing is all wet and protrudes to emphasize it’s furor. It looks like a giant pug dog that a mad scientist mutated in a vat of human snot!

Through the years, I keep thinking of this movie and how it’s just good old fashion cheap fun. The acting is subpar when it comes to the teens but everything is made up for David Gale as Dr. Blakely. Once again he delivers a calming demeanor like he does in Re-Animator and just like that movie, he manages to lose his head. The thing is, The Brain has so much potential. For instance, how did Blakely and the brain meet? We’re just meant to take the film as is without any exposition. Supposedly its an alien creature that Blakely discovered and it is using him and the PRI to take over the world. But did it come here from a ship or did it crash land via meteor. It would be awesome to think there is a planet in some far off galaxy that homes an entire race of these giant monster brained creatures.

Sure The Brain isn’t the most amazing of films but I think a person can find some entertaining value in it. The story is kind of like a less extreme version of Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Implying that overuse of television can be detrimental to ourselves. However I don’t think it’s flat out saying “tv is bad.” Just that letting it dictate our choices and even the way we nurture our kids can be bad. What this is is a basic PSA to parents and modern society about kids. Instead of sticking them in front of the tv screen or getting them psychological help with shit they don’t need. Just be a good parent and love on them. Either way, it is a fun movie. One of those experiences you have to see at least one time as a horror fanatic. So go ahead and check this movie out and enjoy your day twenty four of the Horror Movie Marathon!

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. steveboilard says:

    The plots of these “brain” movies are always so convoluted….
    Get it??!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rdfranciswriter says:

    You’ll never go wrong with an Ed Hunt movie. Okay, well, maybe Starship Invasions. But Christopher Lee in a Gumby suit and underwater UFOs. . . . Only matched by Lee’s working in End of the World as an alien-born Catholic priest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      Never seen starship invasions but I did like his remake of the jungle book when I was young. It’s sad because that movie has been lost through the years and I think it was one of Disney’s best remakes.


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