HMM Day 11 – Curse of The Demon

I remember a time of my life when I was a very young, no more than eight or nine years old and I made friends with a new kid that moved down the street. His name was Mike and we instantly became close friends. Mike was real cool and even better, he had a sister named Jenny. Jenny was much older than me but man was she hot… and a rebel. I remember seeing her smoke a couple times when walking home from school. For a kid in the early 90’s that was the shit right there. But everything else she did was awesome. Jenny listened to good music. Jenny went and saw rated R movies in the theater. Jenny used swear words that blew my mind. She was just the cool older sister that I had a crush on. It must be a pretty normal thing for a kid to grow up and have a crush on an older girl and Jenny was mine.

But then one time, when I was in Mikes house, I made my way into Jenny’s room to talk and hang out because I thought I was cool. Yea, I was cool alright! Just imagine an eight year old boy with crooked ass teeth and wearing one of those terrible Bugs Bunny and Tazmanian Devil thug shirts! Do you remember those? Who the hell designed this crap?

So after a while, Jenny looked up at me and I swore she was gonna try to teach me how to French. But no, instead Jenny asked if I wanted to play on the Ouija board. I had no idea what the hell an actual Ouija board was, but since it was Jenny asking; I played it cool. The thing was in a board game box so all I knew was it was something like Don’t Break The Ice or Uncle Wiggily. “Sure, I’ve played Ouija before.” I said to her in my most Luke Perry-ish impersonation. Which was a bold face lie! My dad is an ordained pastor that wouldn’t let me go out for trick or treats! Instead of passing out candy we would pass out tract books that told people about Jesus! You think something like a Ouija board would be in my house? The most sinister thing we ever had in our house would be a poster of Jim Carey as the Riddler!

But I kept going along with it because this could be my chance to make out with an older woman. It would be my shining moment of boyhood! The one thing that I could claim as reason to always pick me on the football team during recess. I would be a god amongst the other pre-pubescent males at school. I would have a middle schooler as a girl friend!

But instead Jenny got up from her bed and told me to sit down on the floor. OH YEA! Make out session will commence baby! She got up and placed the board game on the floor and then proceeded to turn the lights off in her room. Jenny eyed me down and I smiled a shit eating grin. She then lit a few candles and some weird incense sticks. This was the 90’s so I guess there was an odd hippie trend going on.

The room was quiet and calm. As if all time froze in this one moment. I knew this was my one way ticket and as Jenny sat down in front of me, my heart pounded. She smiled thin grin and sleeked her arm outward and opened the box. Inside was a folded board like any other normal game. Beside it was this weird spade shaped object with a plastic sphere in the middle. Jenny took hold of the plastic object and with another hand opened the board and placed it on the floor, revealing the design. Then looking at me, she focused all her hotness into one glare of beautiful crushery and spoke in a low, menacing tone. I almost pooped myself in lust.

“This is a Ouija board Nathan, it is a tool to contact the dead” she said. Her eyes penetrated my eyes and I shook but still played it cool as if nothing could indicate that I was about to piss my pants. Jenny continued. “With this, we can can talk to any spirit. They will tell us anything we want to know or they can curse us! So be warned.”

You know there are moments in your life when everything around you turns to raging bliss. As if the heavens open up and naked winged cherub angels come swarming down. Things are so awesome that you forget how to breathe. This is called momentary apnea and I had this because Jenny took my hand in hers. This is why I was here people! At this point I didn’t even care about being friends with Mike. To be honest, Mike was turning out to be a dick. But right now, Jenny was all that mattered. As she placed it down on the board we began to summon spirits with this Ouija board… brought to you by Hasbro Inc.

As the game went on, we ended up making contact with a “ghost” named Rita. I didn’t want to talk to Rita but Jenny did. Apparently Rita was an angry spirit and didn’t like talking to people. But Jenny decided to keep on antagonizing her. Jenny started speaking to the board and calling Rita names like bitch and cock whistler. I got nervous. The last thing I wanted to do was piss off a ghost but I also didn’t want to puss out on my crush. Jenny looked at me and said “Come on Nate, just tell her to F herself.” she said while pointing to the board.

I kind of hesitated and couldn’t do it. I was always told to stay away from this kind of thing and know I was balls deep into having full blown conversations with evil spirits! All those Bible lessons from my father flushed down the toilet! I believed in the devil! But I never wanted to talk to the hellish bastard or anything affiliated with him. But Jenny, Jenny was so hot. “Fine!” I told myself and I arched my back to talk to the board “Fuck you Rita! You smell like fish!” I said. Jenny simply smiled and said “Good job Nate!”

But then the planchette started moving violently. It turned from one letter to the next making odd squeaking sounds from the plastic rubbing on the board. It took all my effort to keep my shaking hands on the device. Jenny looked at me in an urgent stare and then looked back down. She kept writing out the next letter and then going back. The room seemed to grow loud and I could hear my heartbeat pounding like a deep tribal drum. Jenny became frantic and shaking. I swallowed hard and thought “This bitch is crazy!”

Then the planchette stopped. The rooms hectic feeling subsided and I removed my hands. Jenny kept looking at the piece of paper with the letters scribbled on it. She looked at me and then back to the paper. “What does it say?” I asked.

It seemed like forever before Jenny talked or even moved. It drove me crazy and I felt this urge to get up and run. Run and be far away. I could fake it, yea that would work. Like I had to piss or I lost track of time and realized mom needed me home before seven. But instead I waited because I knew something on that paper was for me. I could feel a bead of sweat roll all the way down my back and into my butt crack as Jenny took the paper in her hands and held it out to me and I read. “You will die Nathan!” it said. Jenny just kept looking at me and I instantly lost my cool. I quickly got up the best way I could, but my legs were like loose noodles. Everything was numb and I stumbled a little. “Are you alright dude?” Jenny asked. “Yea, I… I need to go home!” I said as I ran out the door.

I didn’t even say goodbye. I ran out of their house and down the street like a demon out of hell. I swore something was following me and I kept looking around like I was a paranoid schitzo! I kid you not, a wind blew and I forgot it was the month of October. I knew it was this ghost chasing me. Eventually, I made it to my house and walked inside. My mom and dad were sitting in the living room couch. “How you doing Nate?” asked my dad. “Fffff-ine I” I said as I walked past them and into my room. I shut the door and immediately laid down in my bed. Staring at the wall and shaking uncontrollably. Tears welled up in my eyes as I knew my fate was sealed. Something was coming for me and it was all because I wanted to make out with a middle school chick!

I didn’t eat dinner that night and I think I prayed to God more than I have ever in my young life. That Ouija board shit haunted me for a long time and I never talked to Jenny again. In fact, I never went into their house ever again after that. A couple of times, I’d see her walking down the street and she’d say hi, but I would keep my distance. I knew I was cursed, to this day I know thats why I always have dark circles under my eyes. Although the Ouija is just a piece of plastic shit. I knew it was real. I was cursed and eventually Rita would come for me.

Speaking of curses! Have you ever seen the 1957 movie called Curse of The Demon?

Curse of the Demon (or Night of the Demon) is a Silver Age horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur and stars Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummings and Niall MacGinnis. The film received mostly positive reviews and has gone on to be labelled one of the scariest films of its age.

The Story

After the death of his colleague Professor Harrington, John Holden investigates and finds that Harrington was cursed by a cult leader named Dr. Julian Karswell, As Holden talks with Karswell, the investigation becomes into terror as Karswell curses Dr. Holden with the same curse!

No More Review Parts!

I don’t want to write actual reviews for these movies anymore because I don’t think it’s necessary. Being in my marathon and me relating some stupid story about myself is enough to entertain folks. Hopefully it makes them want to watch it and see why I love it so much. But damn, Curse of the Demon is a movie that is far ahead of its time and is one of my most favorite classic horror films. Since I’m not going to do a review I will offer just a few reasons why I love this movie.

What makes this movie so awesome is it is very open ended. It’s up to you to decided if the curse is real or not. Technically, the movie makes it fact that the curse is real but you get this countering doubt with the main character John Holden. He’s a disbeliever in the entire curse and constantly approaches it with an intellectual vigor. Even when his life is threatened by it, Holden never accepts or bends the knee. But then shit starts happening to John and he starts to have doubts about his own understanding. But still, there is this ever shadowing idea that the demon is nothing but pure imagination. Theres this balance of reality and supernatural going on. At times you want to believe and want Holden to accept it but then the dude just doesn’t give in. He’s the personification of doubt and belief fighting with each other.

What more can I say, I love the settings and how creepy everything is. It’s not a gory movie but it is frightening. The demon that appears is so hard core and evil looking. I love how intent the eyes look and that big clawed hand coming out to get you. I could imagine it would have haunted the dreams of many people back in the day. Even now, I would piss my pants if I had seen that thing.

It’s awesome how Holden starts hearing the demon sounds coming from afar and even then, the dude keeps a straight fucking face. Holden is so badass and it makes a good contrast with Dr. Julian Karswell. He’s a pompous cult leader that, like all pompous cult leaders; thinks he’s this powerful man with connections to dark forces. The guy doesn’t actually do anything bad… other than curse people with the demon. He seems to delight in their self-destruction and has this sly smile on his face that makes you want to hit him. The best thing, is this dude gets his comeuppance.

The movie is like a ticking clock and you grow nervous with every minute. It is thrilling til the end and will leave you smiling. Even after its all done, you have to ask yourself if Holden was ever truly in danger. Just like me, a small kid playing a Ouija board. Was there ever any real spirit coming for my soul? Or was it all just a trick of the brain that took notice of normal small occurrences taking place around me. To this day I still wonder and I wonder after Curse of The Demon, did Holden truly believe or did he still feel the same way?

Regardless, go ahead and check this movie out. It’s a must see for any fan of classic horror films.

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