Horror Movie Marathon 2021

I had a bizarre encounter the other day. A new guy started at work and like most places of business, when a new person shows up; it entails a great deal of “get to know you questions” and discussions. As the topic of conversations went on, at one point I asked this guy a simple and very prominent question I assume most people commonly ask each other on initial encounters. “Elijah, what kind of movies are you into?” Without any hesitation, Elijah simply told me “Oh I like psychological thrillers and such.” He laid out a few examples, a few I had scene and like. After he was done he countered my question with the same “So how bout you?” I didn’t even have to think about it, in fact I was looking forward to giving my own answer. ”I love horror!” I said as if it was my duty in spreading the good news.

The new guy pondered my answer and finally asked me… “So what are your favorite horror movies Nate?” I was stuck, what kind of question is that to ask? As I went through my mental lineup of horror films, I couldn’t make a definite decision. Evil Dead, Hellraiser? Those are great and represent the Bronze Age. But what about my love for corny sci-fi horror like The Crawling Eye or The Thing From Another World. But who can argue against the Golden Age monster movies like Bride of Frankenstein or The Wolf Man? Maybe some nineties films like Tremors or Candyman! But then, there are some real colossal modern horror films I lose my mind over like The Void or Baskin! There are so many and I can’t make up my mind!

The strain of these thoughts clouded my reasoning and a part of me started to itch all over. What if I gave the wrong answer? What kind of residual effects would this cause? What if this guy was seeking out horror films as some sort of refuge and I was the one to give him his salvation? The wrong answer would send his life on a downward spiral of regret and chaos! He would go through certain life altering deterioration where nothing seems clear and all he wants is something good to watch. And it’s all my fault. All because I couldn’t tell him what the best horror movies were. I was ashamed and knew this would be a disaster. Eventually, this guy would kill himself because of me? Or worse, he would take my failure as a means for slaughter. Lashing out on society because I couldn’t give him grave information!

I stuttered and found myself a loss for words. My hands began to shake and my skin began to sweat. The atmosphere around me became frigid and restless. The walls began to close… I… I couldn’t breathe. My clothing was a vexation to my skin. A burning annoyance that crawled and pulsated at the same time. I tore my shirt, leaving four deep tears into my chest. Blood poured outward and I howled in contempt. Then my mouth went dry and throat choked and heaved. Before I knew it, the bottom recesses of my stomach let loose and retch flowed from my mouth. Mucus blotched from my nose and I shook my head in terror. Then everything ceased and the world became a clear picture. I coughed and cleared my throat as a means to rid the leftover vomit. Shaking and cold I looked upward to my coworker. He was drenched in my intestinal spew and looking shocked beyond belief.

We stood there in an awkward uneasiness. The damage has been done. Elijah slowly got up from his desk and walked backward to the office room exit. His eyes zeroed in on me, never wavering and jiggling in terror. He backed himself into the door frame which sent his arms sprawling against the wall. He positioned himself out the door and quickly bolted down the hall. All I could do was scream and cry from the pain in my heart. “I’m sorry Elijah! I’m SO SORRY!” I screamed over and over. If only Elijah has stayed, then I could have let him know. Let him know all wasn’t lost. He didn’t have to run. The world wasn’t over, there was still hope! Elijah should know that Horror Movie Marathon 2021 was approaching!

Horror Movie Marathon 2021

That’s right folks! Another year, another Horror Movie Marathon brought to you by yours truly. This is the fifth year of doing these marathons and I am truly pumped. Horror is my most favorite of genres and I love this time of year. If only my recently resigned coworker wouldn’t have flipped out and left like he did. I don’t get why he got so strange? But if he had stuck around then I could have explained to him that I have no particular favorite. When you are a horror fanatic like myself, the love of horror is broad and vast. Kind of like having many kids. Not one is your favorite, you love them for each and every personal trait and special reason. Horror is the same way. From the black and white films from a simpler time to the modern extremes that make people wretch. It’s all a blend of greatness. To appreciate horror one must appreciate the entire history of it.

That is why I do these marathons. To share my love for the genre and encourage others to partake. To celebrate one horror film for each day of the month of October is the best I can do. Since this is the fifth year then that will leave us with a combined one hundred and fifty five horror films spanning from almost one hundred years! Either you can follow along each day where I will link to past Horror Movie Marathons or maybe you’d like to check out the older ones in general. Either way, I hope you join in on the chaos of blood and chaos!

I mean, why sit around and watch the same Halloween movies over and over again on AMC? Why watch the Saw franchise or even worse, the Purge movies! Why not get involved in a marathon that gives you a good blend of variety and insanity? See you on October 1st!

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  1. Your Purge franchise comment made me giggle! But yes, I relate to what you said about choosing your favorite horror so much! I can’t just choose one!! And you’re right, it is a lot like having children! You love each horror movie for its very own special reason! No matter how simple or complex!

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    1. nscovell says:

      Thanks! There’s too many movies to choose from. But that’s what makes it so awesome being a horror fan.

      Liked by 1 person

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