Scenes To Be Seen – Children Suck

Welcome to my fourth installment of my Scenes To Be Seen, A Nightmare On Elm Street kills series! The series that explores each Elm Street film and the best death from each movie. So far I’ve discussed my most favorite kills starting with the original 1984 A Nightmare On Elm Street where our own young Captain Jack Sparrow is pulled to his doom and a geyser of blood comes out from the bed! Oooh, spooky! I always felt sorry for the Elm Street clean up crew for that room. There isn’t enough bleach in the world that could rid that blood spot.

Then we went over to 1985’s A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge with a pretty sweet moment and the only multi-murder massacre from our finger bladed friend. A scene that certainly makes up for a pretty strange less than liked sequel. Then we checked out the best scene in my favorite of the series in 1987’s A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors where dreamer and wannabe star Jennifer gets a face full of the televised action!

Everything has been pretty sweet and Freddy has proven over and over that he can deliver the pain. But for all the interesting deaths that our man Fred brings. What about Freddy’s own death? As we all know, Freddy always gets beaten in the end… but to always reveal he survived in the last shot. To be honest, many of the Elm Street deaths of Freddy are kind of lame. In the first film, he kind of burns and then vanishes. The second one… he burns and sort of dies… I don’t really know for sure. In the third one, they perform an exorcism or last rights on his corpse and he vanishes. So to say that that the Freddy deaths are lackluster is understandable… to a fan of gore. You don’t find this with the Friday the 13th series.

Jason Dying is Awesome

If you watch every single Friday the 13th, you know Jason usually goes out in a pretty awesome way. He gets stabbed in the back. An axe goes to his head. A kid hacks him in the face with his own machete. He gets cut up with a boat motor propeller. Jason always receives the same kind of bloody death he delivers to his own victims. Which is, rewarding to all of us watching. It’s always juicy and something that makes us remember the movie. In some ways, the Jason death is always the best part of the film and why not! He’s the main reason we watch these movies. So he deserves the best send off. Plus, we all know he will come back! The guy takes nails to the head and always comes back fighting.

But Freddy deaths aren’t all too rewarding. Or even memorable and that’s a shame. I get it, Freddy is a different killer than Jason. He’s a supernatural being, a demon of nightmares that far exceeds the physical ramifications that coworkers like Jason, Chucky or Michael endure. Freddy’s demise always stems from the surviving victims sense of “will” and being unafraid. Elm Street 3 was different in that it was more of a religious defeat. It doesn’t take an axe to the head or blowing him to kingdom come to kill him. Technically, it all goes back to the first film where Nancy simply… realizes she isn’t afraid of him. I mean, it works! The fear is what feeds his power. I mean it all does sound kind of loopy. But that doesn’t mean his ending for each film has to be so nonchalant. It can be balls to the wall like it is in 1988’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master is one of those movies where the enjoyment factor is kind of in the gray area. For me, this is when the Freddy series certainly started taking a downward trend. The movie isn’t all bad… but not very good. I actually don’t understand this movie in any way. So Kristen, Kinkaid and Joey are back to school and Freddy bumps each one off. Thus terminating the rest of the original Dream Warriors. This alone is annoying, why can’t our Freddy victims just go live in peace? But that is only the beginning because before Kristen dies, she gives her dream powers to her friend Alice which connects Alice to Freddy. Pretty much what happens is that Freddy has to use Alice’s newfound powers to kill people off. This sets up an oddly written movie plot that leaves me more perplexed than pumped.

Elm Street 3 made Freddy into a more mainstream killer. With his puns and more comical mannerisms, Freddy became more popular, comical and culturally… probably didn’t have as strong of a scare factor. But there are some legitimate kills in this movie, three of which would make for a good Scenes to Be Seen post. But for this movie, I have to say… my most favorite kill is of our own dearly loved Freddy Krueger. I write about this because this is the fourth movie and up until now, Fred’s deaths have all been kind of stupid. In fact, just to spoil it for you… there isn’t as awesome a death of Freddy Krueger in any other film that matches this.

Now, the weirdest thing about Freddy dying in this is that it makes absolutely no sense. During the film, Alice recalls a nursery rhyme about the “dream master.” She says it a couple times and brings it up to Kristen before Kristen dies but that’s about it. This is the actual rhyme from the movie.

Now I lay me down to sleep. The master of dreams, my soul I’ll keep. In the reflection of my mind’s eye, evil will see itself and it shall die.

So this is obviously taken from the old 18th century nursery rhyme “Now I lay thee down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…” Ok, thats kind of cool I guess… but the movie doesn’t revolve around this rhyme! It’s only brought up a few times and then in the end for Alice to make Freddy look into the glass mirror. So you’re telling me, the entire premise of beating Freddy is for him to look at a mirror and reflect on himself? All it takes is a little personal reflection? Why would Freddy looking at himself, unleash the souls of his victims inside him and kill him? Are you telling me that in no point in time did Freddy ever look in a mirror and see himself? Then how do you explain this shit!


Don’t tell me that Freddy can’t be around mirrors! This means he wouldn’t be able to see himself when he’s shaving or when he’s banging some lady and looking at a mirror for a self congratulating thumbs up like Patrick Batemen does in American Psycho! I guess Freddy isn’t actually looking into mirrors in the other movies. In Elm Street 3 he’s showing up in the mirrors and thus looking outward. BUT I DON’T CARE! The entire premise that looking in the mirror kills Freddy is stupid like a terrible Michael Jackson song. I know it’s a lot to ask but damn could these people just come up with something better? I little continuity isn’t a lot to ask for. But regardless, this scene does kick ass and special effects artist Christopher Biggs deserves a great deal of credit. This scene is one of the best effects in all the Elm Street movies. If anything this is what the movie has going for it.

I love how when Freddy see’s the light, the shot channels down into his… I don’t know… his evil stomach of abysmal torture. Showing all the victims withering in anger. It’s a real cool shot and one I’ve paused over and over again. Like a whirling vortex into hell or something. At one point I actually wonder if one of the victims is Taryn from Elm Street 3! But how cool would it have been if you actually had call backs to past victims.

Where Do The Kids Come From?

But you know what, this is something else I don’t understand. So Freddy collects the souls of his victims. Which in return fuel his power and dream mastery. So if the victims are stuck in his body then how come these small kids suddenly show up and chant the dream master rhyme?

I mean, wouldn’t their souls be stuck inside Freddy? How come they can appear as angels? You know what I think, I think this scene is the focal point of the film! What I mean is, when the creators of this film came together; they had this one moment in mind. This one scene that the entire movie would be built around… and this is it. They had this cool concept of killing Freddy off so they had to build an entire movie with the objection of getting to this cool depiction of all of these gross hands and faces pulling out of Freddy’s body.

Ehh, who cares because this is so cool. I love how the hands of the victims rip out of Freddy’s body and pull him back against the church gate. One even pops out of his hands which is a testament to well done craft. Most creators would do the arms but not on the head. The guy withers in pain as the hands pull outward. Of course you have to throw in the line from Alice “You’re dead Krueger.” With no ability to move, Freddy’s jaw and head are separated and the souls of all of his victims spill out. Flying out into the night sky. The best part is Freddy’s body is still moving around like a chicken with its head cut off. Proving that even in the dream world, nerves still play their part.

Seriously, I could watch this scene over and over again. The amount of detail with the hands and faces is real cool. It certainly makes up for one odd and not so good movie.

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