Scenes To Be Seen – Crushing Dreams

Supposedly I am a terrible person. But much much worse, a killer of dreams. At least this is what a few of my coworkers tell me. Let me explain. My youngest son has just joined the football team. He told me that he wants to be a star in the NFL. It’s his first year in playing the sport and as a father, I am extremely proud. I love the kid, even though he drives me nuts. He’s a pretty impressionable child and is definitely a hard core “fathers son.” What I mean is, his dad likes horror movies; so he likes horror movies. His dad reads epic fantasy books all the time, so now he wants to read The Lord of The Rings. He was in karate and when I made the mistake of telling my wife that karate seemed stupid. He overheard it and now doesn’t want to do karate. I put on some heavy metal on in the car and all of a sudden, the kid hates all other forms of music!

It’s kind of endearing but I wish he could form an opinion of his own. My other kids don’t do this. My daughter makes fun of me for asking complete strangers about their tattoos and my middle child loves Space Jam 2 despite me telling him how shitty the movie is. But now, the youngest is playing football because… dad loves football. Which is true, I watch the NFL religiously and I played it when I was a kid. Actually, it is the only sport I do watch. So of course, the kid wants to play. I new this was coming.

Let me just say, I am all about my son playing ball and I will support his desire to play as long as he wants. I would never tell any of my kids that they cannot do something. But, there has to be a sense of realism with everything a person decides to do. But obviously trying to explain this to my coworkers touches on some sensitive issues. Apparently I don’t believe in my children’s dreams or some stupid shit. You see, the kid wants to play ball and go into the NFL. He has this “dream” at eight years old… which is funny because, if you don’t know anything about being a professional NFL player, it is by far the hardest job to accomplish.

Now when I say hard, what I mean is whatever you do for a living. Whether you’re a fast food worker or a doctor. Getting and being a professional football player is harder to attain. Meaning if you all are given a chance to repeat your life and given two roads to take. One being a doctor, web developer, musician, writer or whatever job and the other road an NFL player. But then I said pick the one you believe is most likely to achieve, then you wouldn’t pick the NFL player. I’m not saying it’s more valuable… just harder to get. Kind of like seeing the sunset on the top of a mountain compared to seeing it on the beach.

The success rate of people entering the NFL is 1.6% and there is a possibility that that number is even lower. I’m talking .2%! That is because of the years of training, being obsessed with the game and focusing on nothing else. The amount of luck you need to avoid injury. The window of opportunity being so small for things like genetics, age and gender all make it virtually impossible to do. What I mean is, there are far more people of certain demographics becoming web developers than there are NFL players. Sorry, but if you’re in a wheel chair or you’re blind… you are not playing the game. It’s a realism not a criticism. I’m not saying you’re worthless or anything. I’m just saying you can’t do it. Sure, if Jesus came down and cured your body and then injected you with holy steroids; then by all means get out there and score a damn touchdown!

So with that in mind, I like to keep a good realism with my son. Sure my son can go play football! He will love and it I would love it if he went to the NFL. But he needs to realize that he’s got a small chance of getting there. So with that in mind, his playing of the game should be just that! A GAME! Love the game and enjoy it like the majority of the fan base. Have a backup career and try to be good at multiple things. Kind of like a German Shepherd. They’re the best overall dog because they rank so high on all the qualifications. They’re top three when it comes to bite, athleticism and intelligence. So while they may not be the top dog in one realm, they’re so good at all things that it makes them the best dog ever EVER!

Here’s what I will do. If I notice that the kid is showing signs of pure raw talent, like he’s Tom Brady 2; then I will be more than happier to get him special training coaches and up his focus on the sport.

BUT NOOOO! Apparently, I am crushing his dreams. Apparently that is “bad parenting.” All because I tell my kid that he most likely will not go to the NFL!

I guess it could be worse. I could be the opposite of that and be a parent that does nothing but push my kid into something. That lone parent that has absolutely no life and lives their glory days through their kid. Not giving them the option or array of possibilities to try new things. Hell, that would be easy and I’m sure my kids and I would never have a bad future relationship. Then again, I could be a parent that is 100% into their dream. Regardless of how much they show no signs of progress or raw talent, I keep letting them fail and every time they do so, I lie and tell them they aren’t the problem, it’s everyone else! Just like a good liberal tells their kids! How is that a dream killer? You want a dream killer? I’m not the dream killer. I’m the fucking sandman compared to my pal Freddy Krueger! Now he is the dream killer!

Man do I love A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It’s such a good sequel to the series which is surprising. I can’t think of many other horror empires that can impressively say that the third movie is one of the best. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is good but that doesn’t count.

The most you can get are two real good movies and then after that, it’s like beating a dead horse. But this movie does at times rival the first of the series. It’s debatable and one that both sides of the argument have valid points on. We can all agree that it definitely supersedes the second one, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. It is also debatable if this third movie is the last real good Elm Street movie. In my opinion, Freddy became hokier and even his kills were goofy after this. They also aren’t as scary which makes sense. Don’t get me wrong, the kills are good but not in the way the first, second and third movie kills are. It’s hard to make a villain like Freddy scary when the audience is so used to him. We all know what to expect and after this Freddy Krueger became more of a celebrity.

But Dream Warriors manages to prolong the scare factor of Freddy. But not only that, it gives him a personality. One that does seem to be comical but really is just ripping at his victims in the most terrorizing manner. Freddy is like me, a killer of dreams.

Here we have poor Jennifer sitting there trying to stay awake because she loves watching Dick Cavett every night. She’s a lovely gal and she’s super hard core in those kick ass pajamas. She also wants to be an actress, which is funny because there is no part in this movie where we see Jennifer showing any interest or skills when it comes to acting. For instance, if you take notice all the kids of the movie that Freddy terrorizes… they all have their talents or traits expounded on.

Philip makes puppets and he sleep walks. Taryn is into hard core drugs and the virgin wheel chair kid Will is into Dungeon and Dragons. He’s the dork and his glasses prove he is. Kincaid is kind of the baddy of the group and doesn’t mind fighting with the orderly. We even get a good glimpse into how horny Joey is. He follows the hot nurse around day in and day out cause the kid just wants to bang. We get it, all of these kids have aspects we can identify with. They’re believable.

They’re also the identifying traits these kids have that Freddy uses to make his kills much cooler. Something that is a first with these films. Now, he does go after kids in his typical style. He tries to kill Kritsen as a snake and that scene kicks balls. But this movie ups everything to a higher level. I can accept being killed but to be killed in this kind of personal manner! Where something I love is used against me. Think about the thing you like to do. It can be a hobby or a sport. Or maybe it’s a dream to be something. To use that thing as a theme for your death! It’s downright cruel! It’s like Freddy is in full mockery of who these kids are and Jennifer gets this in full affect.

She’s just sitting there watching her show and Freddy comes out of the television. Grabs Jennifer and before shoving her face into the screen for the kill, he tells her “WELCOME TO PRIME TIME BITCH!” How ruthless and awesome is that? Krueger goes deep into her psyche with the entire premise. It’s not just dread and terror that races through Jennifers mind, but an entire slew of lowly state. Freddy is telling her that all her dreams suck balls! The most she’s gonna get to being an actress is her face being melted by the television screen. This is her prime moment and it’s all done in this “never turn on a man” night gown with absolutely know one to see her performance. It’s the ultimate kick in the nuts.

Do you see how awesome that is? Jason and Michael just kill with awesome tools but Freddy! The dude cuts deep. This movie pushes Freddy beyond his normal blades on his hands. He’s something that looks inside each and everyone of us and takes the positives in our lives and turns it into a life ending death. This is beautiful because it brakes the norms of most Bronze Age slasher films where they punished youth for merely being youth. This movie dare states that to have dreams and aspirations are a reason to be slaughtered.

I’d love to see a behind the scenes moment of Freddy preparing for this kill. I can picture it now. He’s sitting on his leather chair in front of a fire place. A glass of Pinot Noir in his hand swivels like a toilet drain and a blank notebook in front of him stares back into blank eyes. The eraser of his pencil looks like a gnawed lump of chewing gum from the frustrated and overly excessive biting. He begins to think and talk out loud to himself regarding this new girl named Jennifer he’s gunning for.

Fred’s Personal Dialogue With Himself

Fred – “I’m drawing a blank for this Jennifer chick. Man I have no good ideas and my kill deadline is approaching.”

Inner Voice – “Hey buddy, our last kill didn’t require any quick whit. It was an artistic statement with Phillip, merely playing on the visuals. You’re coming off a strong moment. It’s hard to top it.”

Fred – “Gosh, we’ll never be able to match that puppet marionette!”

Inner Voice – “Yea, we really pulled a good one there. But Jennifer, sweet Jennifer needs something great. Something to make her subconscious say “What the shit!” right before we kill her off!”

Fred – “You know this is an example of the pains that I have to deal with every single day! People just don’t understand the undertaking I take for these victims. Who is Jennifer and what makes her tick. These are things I have to think of to make a concise and to the point statement that let’s everyone know the inner beauty of my genius!”

Inner Voice – Right, we can’t merely tell a girl with anorexia that it’s time to “cut the fat” before we slice her insides out!”

Fred – “It’s just doesn’t make sense!”

Inner Voice – “Plus it’s rude! The poor girl doesn’t need to be told she needs to lose weight right before she dies. Pluse, we can’t handle another PR stunt like that.”

Fred – “So these things take great conceptualization.”

Inner Voice – “Right!”

Fred – “You bet your ass we’re right!”

Inner Voice – “Wait a gosh darn grandpa humping minute, Jennifer loves acting!”

Fred – “Yea so what?”

Inner Voice – “In fact, she wants to be a famous actress on TV. It’s a prime theme in her life that…”

Fred – “wait… what did you say?”

Inner Voice – “What did I say? I’m only an inner voice with no access to the memory bank.”

Fred – “The word prime? It’s perfect. Now work with me on this. How about “you’re my prime act Jen!”

Inner Voice – “NOOO that won’t work. But I like where you’re going with this. How about, “I’ll be your prime time show sweetie!”

Fred – “NO NO NO! Fred you’re being a stupid bitch!”

Inner Voice – “WAIT! THAT’S IT! I’VE GOT IT!! How about, “Welcome… to prime time bitch?”

Fred – “YES, that’s the one! I’m going with it dude! It’s genius, it’s artistic and it’s deep!”

Inner Voice – “Now let’s go in the bathroom and practice this line over and over until we get it right.”

Fred – “Sure thing. Nothing better than a productive day at work! Let’s call Jason for lunch.”

Thanks for reading my third Scenes To Be Seen series for the Nightmare On Elm Street films. Join me next time for A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

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