Scenes To Be Seen – Party Wrecker

My neighbors are driving me nuts. It’s a Tuesday night and they’re having a party. Normally, that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. But my neighbors… they have a fondness for a style of music called Reggaeton. If you don’t know what it is then consider yourself blessed. I’m a metal head so my preference for music is pretty opinionated. If you ever talk to metal heads, they believe all other forms of music suck. We only like death, doom, prog, thrash, power and all the other sub-genres. It is in the ancient metal writings called the Metal Compendium Ex-Mortus that all other forms of music suck and is for pussies. But I’ve reformed some of my ways and can accept many other forms of music. But not when it comes to this bull shit Reggaeton. I hate Reggaeton! I would rather listen to a lifetime time supply of corporate pop infused Disney music than this penguin shit! It’s driving me absolutely crazy and my neighbors are blasting it over and over again.

The beat! The beat just goes on and on! It never changes! That fucking down beat bass drum with the pinched snare is like a heartbeat. It just keeps pumping and pumping! Like nasty old oil being pumped in my veins, I feel swelling rising and falling. Bum bumbum buumm, bum bumbum buumm, bum, bumbum buumm. Oh God I’m losing control. The world around me is irritating to be in. I feel like the air is jabbing sharps shards into my skin and my ears are going to burst in flames. PLEASE, SOMEONE TELL THEM TO STOP! I would but I don’t speak Spanish. At one point the song ends and there is a still moment of peace and quiet. But it was only because someone wanted a different song. When they find what they’re looking for it comes back on. But… the beat… it’s the same! It’s the same exact fucking song as the last one!

My children and wife lock themselves into a room and barricade the door open. Fearful of what is becoming of me. I can’t hold it in anymore. I’m like the psycho from A Tell Tale Heart. Just hearing the Reggaeton beat pounding louder and louder. The sound coming from the floorboards, calling out to me… dragging all my senses into disparity. Got to fight it, but I can’t! What can I do? There isn’t anything for me! Why can’t my neighbors just turn that shit down! Don’t they know they listen to garbage? NEED TO KILL! There’s only one thing I can do, the exact same thing that my boy Freddy does when his annoying neighbors throw a party.

I know A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge is the one of the bunch that gets the most dislikes. Check out any “Elm Street movies ranked” click bate video or article and it usually falls in second to last. I get all the gay stuff and the acting is kind of terrible, but I’m not here to talk about that. One thing that does stand out to me in this movie is how it has the only scene in all the Elm Street lineup that actually features Freddy killing a big group of teens. Now think about that cause it’s true. Watch all the Krueger kills in all the movies and they usually have one thing in common. Freddy always does his slaying to a single victim at one single time. Maybe once in a while there is someone witnessing it but never in a large group.

Or Is There?

But then again, let us ponder A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. In essence this could be another movie to feature a group killing! Just not as out there in the open for all to see. At the turn of the film, the group of teens. Led by Nancy Thompson all go into a hypnotic state to enter the dream world to save Joey and Kristen. While in that dream world, Freddy kills Taryn, Will and Nancy. So, that goes without saying the group were killed at one single moment and in one single place! BOOM! I did it! I got my big wow moment! Suck on that! Back to Freddy’s Revenge and his group massacre.

Back To Freddy’s Revenge

This a big change to the Freddy we got in the first movie where he kills folks in his dreams. Which may make why Freddy’s Revenge is so hated. I don’t think there is any moment where Freddy actually kills victims in the dream world. Which is quite frankly Freddy’s modus operandi. At some point in watching this film and when this scene comes in, I wonder; “Is it actually Freddy or is it Jesse doing all the killing?” I know it has been done where Freddy possesses victims to do his bidding… but this is a little much. Either way, it’s a brutal scene and if you loosely count the victims you get a big tally.

The first guy is slashed across the chest and falls down dead. That’s a given, a killer always needs that first kill to get the herd moving. Too bad it had to be him. He was probably a guy named Paul who was going to be a missionary and getting ready to go on his missions trip. He was using that as a talking point in order to get one last lay before he goes to South America. The second two victims fall into the boiling pool and are engulfed with flames. I love how people just fall in. One guy clearly pretty much dives in instead. It’s not necessarily verified that they die… but I am giving two checks for Freddy on that one.

The next one is a little vague like the pool kills but I count it. People are running and trying to scale the fence and one lady gets knocked down and is engulfed by more flames. I don’t see her coming back up so that’s another! Gosh you’d think these people have ever in their life ran from the cops or tried to scale a fence while a dog was chasing them. I don’t care if there is fire, I am going up that damn fence! Already we’re up to four people and Fred is still going strong.

Another guy is trampled to death by the kids trying to get out and last time I checked, if you yell “FIRE!” in a movie theater and someone is trampled to death. Then that is a felony charge! So Freddy gets another check.

The next kill is odd because a guy comes running up near Freddy and gets stabbed in the gut! I don’t understand. I’ve never been in the midst of a killer, thank God. But I know if there was a man terrorizing the party with blades on his fingers… I would do all I could to stay away from him.

Then the final kill comes and it’s the one guy at the party that deserves it most. It’s said that there are two instincts, fight or flight. Everyone in this scene is in flight mode. But this guy, this crazy douche bag. He’s an entirely new person. He’s the negotiator. The one guy that thinks he can use talk and rational calm to talk down a killer. I call these people the Chamberlains. You see when Hitler was invading Europe, people in England were wanting to kill the mother f’er. But Neville Chamberlain just wanted to talk. He was a pussy. So people that think they can talk down a psycho, they’re a terrible person. Never be that guy. Either fight like a man or get your ass out of there. I can respect the two.

Wow, that’s six kills in under a minute! It’s why this scene needs to be praised. Freddy is a total demon in this film, probably darker than the first. I love how he faces them all and says “You are all my children now!” Wow, the new generation of Elm Street kids have now been adopted by the worst parent of all time! He doesn’t care about shit and proves it by just walking away from the crowd like a total boss! If you take anything from this movie then take this scene and appreciate how awesome it is! This may not be the best movie but it does have one of the best scenes in all the series. Also, the music that is pumping is so badass and menacing. Just that thumping drums and screeching strings. It’s the pure sound of mayhem and slaughter! Not like my neighbors shitty Reggaeton music!

Thanks for reading this post! If you missed the first collection of this particular Scenes To Be Seen, then check it out below!

*NOTE – I do not condone actual violence or murder. The above intro is a joke and just me being a character.

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