Beany And Cecil – The Wild Leatherman

Are you a person that was born or raised in the 80s? If you are then you no doubt, at one point in time; had your own VCR. I always loved our VHS tape collection. My parents didn’t get a VCR until very late in my life, but when we did get one; my grandpa gave us a shit load of his own collection. He was a cool guy so he made sure his grand kids were well off with content to watch. I remember getting a shit load of those Disney VHS tapes as well. Those were insane because they were so bulbous and huge. You had to stack them on a separate shelf because they outsized the others in size. So I am proud to say me and my siblings were well entertained as kids.

But one VHS tape that I had was of this weird cartoon show called Beany & Cecil. When I discovered this tape and put it in, my dad quickly noted that it was a cartoon that he, himself apparently watched when he was a little kid! So it was kind of a great feeling for him to sit back and re-watch something from his childhood with his own son. And I can truly relate because it was a huge thrill for me to get my own sons into cartoons from my childhood like Batman: The Animated Series or Fox’s X-men. I even showed my kids the very same Beany and Cecil my dad introduced me to. Even today it is a pretty good cartoon and it has always remained my ideal example of the 60’s cartoon era style. Now, it may not be as badass as Johnny Quest but it is good jovial fun. For me, it’s a perfect kind of kids cartoon. Even today, it makes me chuckle at its use of puns and spoofing of actual known references. For instance, if you watch this video of the show, it is hard to not laugh and appreciate the stupidity of the jokes.

For anyone that isn’t aware of this show, it was an adaptation of an old black and white puppet show much like Howdy Doody or Lamb Chop. But its creator Bob Clampett, was originally working for Warner Brothers and decided to establish his very own cartoon series for kids and thus The Beany and Cecil show was started. This series is historical for any cartoon enthusiast as it was one of three cartoons to get a full “in color” treatment. It ran for a few years and then kind of went away. It didn’t garner as much of a following as Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse or Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny. But that is fine, as a person that loves old cartoons, Beany and Cecil remains a fond gem of cartoon history. There was a short lived revival of the show in the late 80’s called The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil which featured our same adventure group with much more updated animation styles that match the time. But it was hated by the Clampett family and also had content that wasn’t suitable for children. It had a few episodes and then it was pulled from Saturday morning lineups, Leaving Beany & Cecil somewhat lost from awareness.

Even today I think most people don’t think or know of this show. Which is kind of sad. It may be way before my time but I really love this series and cherish its corny characters and dad joke content. I think Beany and Cecil represents a lost art in cartooning and development. It represents an earlier age where watching cartoons felt like a club. Kids would put on their stupid Beany hats they got in their shredded wheat mail ins and sit around the old tv and watch their favorite show. They would sing the corny ass song in the beginning and laugh at the cartoon slapstick on the screen.

Cecil is a beloved kind of pet that every little boy always dreamed of having as a kid. Who wouldn’t want a pet water serpent that goes on adventures with you? And that’s what Beany and Cecil was. Adventure! Much like Johnny Quest or Clutch Cargo, the episodes all seemed random and each one possessing their very own identity and plot. It’s something many children cartoons lack today! If you watch Nickelodeons Sponge Bob Square Pants… it’s always the same annoying garbage that repeats itself over and over again. Even the movies are the same bull shit done over and over again. Anyways, I digress.

Since I have been getting into drawing stupid short comics lately, I was thinking about doing my own short comic where some horror icon is in a kids cartoon. So since I love horror movies and also fondly remember Beany and Cecil, I thought “how cool would it be for Beany and Cecil to run into Leatherface!” Now, since this is a cartoon… Leatherface would not be known directly as “leatherface.” So I have re-titled him the “leatherman.” So here is my nice little comic for all of you to enjoy some nice innocent childlike humor… mixed with a bloody good time!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it! This was a fun task that I enjoyed from beginning to end. It was tough though because I did this one both hand drawn and photoshopped. I would draw out my characters and scenes and then bring them into Photoshop for color and the speech balloons. I actually think that is harder than simply hand drawing each cell out on its own. Whenever I was going on with the story and decided I needed something else, it meant that I had to go back to the drawing board once more. Which means, a great deal of drawings weren’t used because stuff just didn’t make sense. Anyways, it was tough but I was happy with the end.

If you liked this short comic then check out another I did called Charlie Brown Becoming. Also, if you loved this and Charlie Brown and would like to see more of my work then let me know! I would love some encouragement!

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  1. Pedro says:

    This is awesome!


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