Charlie Brown Becoming

We are all familiar with the “lovable loser” known as Charlie Brown. That ever so hopeful, wide eyed, blockheaded youngster that wants nothing more than for people to like him. We have grown accustomed to the premise of this young boy doing his best to fit in and whatever he touches he destroys. Yet he always remains calm and passive. It seems Charlie Brown is such a massive symbol of innocence, that when I thought of my “Not So Innocent Character” story… I couldn’t think of anyone better than Charlie Brown. I grew up reading Charlie Brown comic strips in the Sunday morning papers. Watching the holiday specials on television and enjoying the Charlie Brown balloon at the Macy’s Day Parade. I don’t even know if the Macy’s Day Parade has a Charlie Brown balloon anymore. Does that stupid parade still even exist? Last time I saw it, I had to turn it off because I hate Broadway musicals and thats all it was.

Anyways, back to Charlie Brown. Over and over again, Charlie Brown is constantly berated with insult and injury… and I hate it. Lucy extorts him with her bull shit psychology and then bullies him with her lies and deceit to gain his confidence to kick a football. When he does something warm and encouraging like use a small AIDS infested tree for a Christmas play, the other children laugh and mock him. Even his own adopted canine laughs in his face while the children jeer at the very boy that feeds him. The poor kid can’t catch a break! As a kid, this has always bothered me. When I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas I wanted sweet revenge. Charlie Brown doesn’t deserve the abuse he was given. He’s a passionate, insightful and innocent young boy. He doesn’t deserve rocks for Halloween treats!

A common theme in the Charles M. Schulz comic strip is Charlie Browns deep insight into his personal psyche. A popular line in the Charlie Brown comics strips is “Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask “where have I gone wrong?” and I think… maybe Charlie Brown never went wrong (which we all know is true). Maybe the world around him is wrong and evil and what if it pushed Chuck to the edge and how would it look if Charlie Brown “went evil?” So without further ado, I present my first series, in a comic version of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Also, if this gains enough traction then I will release more. So LIKE and comment!

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