Scenes To Be Seen – Chainsaw Battle II

Happy New Year to everyone. I am sorry I haven’t written anything in a while and feel real bad. But here I am and welcome to my second part in my Chainsaw Battle series. I would like to thank people for checking out my blog and getting involved. I don’t know what happened but I have been noticing a shit load of views and likes on many of my posts and for that, I thank you. Anyways, enough of this mushy shit! Last time we covered the beauty of a chainsaw and how it ups the intensity for any horror film. The revving of the engine and pure destruction a chainsaw brings is captivating and a sure way to get that blood flowing. We brought out a scene from 1980’s Motel Hell where two chainsaw wielding brothers battle to the death. Motel Hell may be the very first movie to feature a chainsaw battle and in that regard stands apart from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The movie that Motel Hell has been criticized for ripping off.

The Playing Field

You know what makes a chainsaw such a great thing? It can make a person complete. That’s right! Just like Jerry McGuire hooking up with the special needs kids mom. A chainsaw is like a gift from the gods! Bestowed upon a person, it will make them a force to be reckoned with. The evil that stands in their way will be equally matched now. Just like a bad guy like Stripe, Leatherface or Vincent from Motel Hell using a chainsaw to enforce more terror. A chainsaw is a weapon that can upgrade the goodness in someone. It’s a symbol of power folks and can be used for both evil and good.

I think about one of my most favorite animated horror shorts called Chainsaw Maid. If you haven’t seen this then do two things, rip your head out from your ass and then watch it! Basically, it’s about a small household that is attacked by a horde of zombies.

Here we have a nice peaceful household with a father, daughter and house maid. Everything goes to shit when this zombie horde comes barging in and reigns terror. Physically the maid cannot do anything to fight the zombies so she gets a chainsaw and goes on a butchering crusade of zombie guts. Her getting that chainsaw was her elevation into badassery. Unfortunately for the chainsaw maid, her becoming a zombie butcher was last minute. Not like my pal Lt. Lucky Enright in 1986’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Lucky realized that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire bitches!

I’m aware that many people aren’t very fond of Tobe Hoopers The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2. It is a much different movie than the first. It takes an absurd approach to each and every character and to be honest, the plot is real off. But something about this movie puts a big smile to my face. Maybe it was intentional but this movie seems to be a hate/love letter to the franchise genre. What makes slasher movies so great is the stupidity of them and this movie definitely shines a light on that. It’s definitely a movie I appreciate much more than 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. The two are very similar in their more comedic approach but TCM2 seems to have a better vibe. Just look at this damn poster!

Regardless of your opinions on the movie, this is no doubt a great chainsaw battle scene in which a hero puts himself on the same level as foe he faces. It’s like in a basic slasher film when the final girl is seeing all her friends die. She’s innocent and weak but gradually loses her mind until the end when she does something so drastic that she becomes the danger and equal to the killer. Lucky is literally just as bat shit crazy as the Sawyer family. But thats what it takes damnit!

A Line Of Trope

Holy shit, you have no idea how many movies follow this trope in films! Remember 1993’s Demolition Man with Stallone and Snipes? Simon Phoenix is this terrible criminal and everyone in society is a bumbling left wing pussy. The only way to take out someone as sinister as Phoenix is to release someone as equally the same… but nice? Jurassic Park has to be the biggest proprietor of this. Think about the ending scene where the raptors are about the take out Dr. Grant and the kids. Everything seems lost until that T-Rex comes in and beats the shit out of those raptors. They even did it again and 2015’s Jurassic World but far worse. The indominus rex is a killing machine and know one can kill it. They try releasing a pack of raptors on it, but it backfires. So they release T-Rex and a raptor on it to take it out. But even the dinosaurs combined aren’t enough to kill it, so the directors made it so it gets too close to the water where a Mosasaurus jumps out and bites its head, dragging it to the murky depths! What a stupid ass movie you know they had no clue how to end this movie.

But The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 does this and it’s beautiful. Lucky is fucked in the head which leads us so an epic showdown of Texas chainsaw square dancing. The entire Sawyer family knows they’re up shit creek cause Lucky is on a mission. He’s the lord of the harvest and ready to bring in those sheaves. We will come rejoicing as Lucky brings this family to a bloody grave yal! What we get is a pretty awesome scene which is actually kind of funny. Leatherface does this funny jiggly dance and takes a chainsaw right to the belly. Lucky makes him feel what it is like to slice and dice and in the end does what he set out to do. Lucky is a hero… a chainsaw hero! He’s also probably the first character in all horror history to actually take the mantle of a chainsaw and doing it to the extreme. Lucky makes me remember that in order to defeat crazy and true terror, one must become… crazy and terrible.

Until next time have a good day and thanks for reading!

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