Scenes To Be Seen – Fall Breaking My Balls

Today marks the first day of the Thanksgiving week which means many young people are making their way home to spend time with loved ones for some good food and celebration. It is a time for arguing with family about annoying shit like politics and why modern music isn’t “real” music. Sprinkle some good self deprecating reflection and the one time a year people give a shit about the Detroit Lions and voila you have yourself a traditional American Thanksgiving.

But there are always a few youths that, instead of traveling home; would rather spend this Fall Break in pure youthful bliss. With that in mind, this post shall warn those that would do so! So a word to the wise for anyone that would spend Fall Break frolicking with naked women on the beach and boozing it up. Doing so could wind you up in a world of agonizing death like my friend Mike here in 1984’s The Mutilator!

1984’s The Mutilator is one of those low-level slasher flicks that doesn’t get a great deal of attention. It certainly is a different kind of slasher flick. Mainly because it doesn’t follow the cliche formula that 1980’s Friday The 13th established. For one, the killer in this movie is known right from the beginning. Even the motives that killer Big Ed has isn’t like other killers. He doesn’t even wear a mask or hide his objective. It’s not like Crospy from The Burning, or Mrs. Voorhees from Friday The 13th where it’s some blind vengeance killing to unknown people. Big Ed is on the hunt to kill his own kid and that alone is kind of fucked up. But the movie is a lot of fun, especially with the catchy feel good theme song and has some good death scenes that have a good boating theme.

The only thing I have to say about this scene is how hilarious it actually is. This guy Mike is looking for his lady and Big Ed jumps out of a basement closet with a boat motor. It’s pretty hardcore and gruesome but it looks like he’s getting the worlds most aggressive hand job! But the guys just stands there which is kind of peculiar. If some dude was coming at you with a propeller weapon, you would instinctively jump back. But this is a slasher film and common rules like “pulling your hand away from a hot pan” don’t apply here. Mike committed the biggest foul. He went looking to score with his dead girl friend and was turned into chop suey in the name of convention and for that the evil gods thank thee!

Connection To The Mythos

Speaking of “evil gods” as a fan of 2016’s The Cabin in The Woods, one can’t see The Mutilator and think of its meaning behind the “horror mythos.” I find it odd that The Mutilator is placed in the Fall Break setting. Who the hell goes to the beach during Thanksgiving break? I never even called it “Fall Break.” So with that in mind, maybe the American tradition of Thanksgiving is in some ways a major part in the ancient traditions we were given in The Cabin in The Woods. Now bare with me a little cause this is a stretch. While youth are used as a sacrifice every year to appease the evil gods… maybe Thanksgiving break is another thing to appease those gods? Perhaps the reason youth go home for Thanksgiving break is because “they’re supposed to.” While spring and summer break are the seasons for youthful slaughter, Thanksgiving is meant to be the counter to the evil sacrifice! Instead of a certain group of youth that are killed, we gather around a dinner table and sacrifice a stupid ass bird and feast upon its flesh. So this is… in some ways… what appeases the gods? Like I said, this is a stretch, but what if this scenario is a possible sequel to The Cabin In The Woods? And to think we owe all of this to the wonderful movie The Mutilator! To ignore the tradition is why Mike was horribly mangled by this boat motor! Just a random thought and not as all legitimate. But as a horror fanatic with a macabre sense of things, one can’t help but take notice.

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