HMM Day 25 – Basket Case 2

Do you ever feel like a freak? Maybe you don’t really fit in the world around you. Something sets you apart from the “normal” people and it kind of lets you down. It could be a physical thing. That one big toe is a little too large or that lazy eye hangs a little off. Maybe you have a mole that sort of resembles the state of New Jersey… when you sniff it it even smells like the state of New Jersey. Well you should know that whatever physical issue you may suffer from, there are others out there that are going through the same thing. In fact you may be encouraged by my friend Belial from Basket Case 2!

I was reading some of my past posts and noticed Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 was the only sequel I have recommended this marathon. So I was thinking about some other great horror sequels. Critters 2: The Main Course, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors… so many good ones that are credible sequels in the line of films. For day twenty five of my marathon, I felt like recommending another sequel that I really love. Also, I want to offer something that is absolutely absurdly awesome. With that in mind I proudly present Basket Case 2 for day twenty five of my Horror Movie Marathon.

Basket Case 2 is a 1990 film Frank Henenlotter and stars Kevin Van Hentenryck, Annie Ross and Heather Rattray. The film is a direct sequel to the cult favored Basket Case.

Basket Case 2

After surviving the fall, Duane and Belial Bradley are taken from the hospital by a roman named Grandma Ruth who introduced them to a home where freaks like them can live in peace. But the outside world is still dark and intruding. But this time the Bradley brothers have a family to back them up!

The entire Basket Case series are some of my most favorite “it’s so bad that it’s good” kind of films and Basket Case 2 is a sequel every horror fanatic much watch. Yes, Basket Case is a treasure and I absolutely dig it. But Basket Case 2 is a different film and one I believe you can admire. It is a good example of taking features from the first movie and running with it… and boy did Henenlotter run! It has a different feel from the first movie. The tone is more fresh and lacking that exploitation kind of style. Unlike Basket Case having a budget of only $35K, this sequel had a budget of $2.5 million. So Henenlotter had much more to work with when it came to effects and equipment.

Everything about this movie is completely off the rails. It kind of reminds me of Tobe Hoopers sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where it mocks the first and becomes a parody of itself. I felt like unlike the first that has a certain seriousness and dirtiness to it, this sequel plays more like Troma film or a Mel Brooks comedy. Many parts are filled with gore but then meant to be funny. At one point when Belial is brought up to the attic to meet the other freaks we’re introduced to a slew of creepy hilarity. One freak is just a giant mouth but has a voice of an opera singer. The rest are so awesome and absurd that you will rewind scenes just to get a better glimpse. So much Halloween costume potential!

While the first movie focuses in Duane being tormented by his twin freak brother Belial. This one gives Belial a more centered story and makes him more normal… if that is really possible. He finds sanctuary in Granny Ruths home and even finds love. Which then gives us the greatest sex scene ever in all horror movie history! That’s right our little Belial is growing up and finally gets to score with the hottest freak in the house!

While Belial is off scoring big time, Duane is fighting whether or not he wants to stay with his brother. The movie progresses and we find that Duane is the more disturbed of the two brothers. Which makes the insanity of this movie outweigh the first. And thats what Basket Case 2 is meant to be, pure insanity. It’s also a good time. I thoroughly love this movie. Anyone that is a fan of Troma or 1993’s Freaked then you should love this. The freaks in the house are so exaggerated that you do nothing but laugh. They all live in this mansion owner by Granny Ruth and her daughter Susan. Think of it as the X Mansion in the X-men comics. The gore is intense and the acting is still the same crappy exaggerated style. So check out this under-appreciated sequel Basket Case 2 and enjoy day twenty five of Horror Movie Marathon!

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