HMM Day 19 – Rabid Grannies

Today for day nineteen of my Horror Movie Marathon I would like to honor all the Grandmothers out there. Grandma, that one lady that is the nicest person in the whole wide world. Those checks she sends every birthday always come at the right moment, don’t they? The one lady that always lights up like a rocket at the sound of your voice when you call. When you got that new Lord Of The Rings tattoo or impregnated your fiancé four months before the wedding, she didn’t judge you or call you a screw up. She has the mannerisms of a saint because she’s the best women we know and we love her more than anything. To Grandma!

But what if your old granny turned into a blood thirsty demon? That “nice little old lady” persona is gone and replaced with pure evil. Now she seeks bloody vengeance upon her entire lousy group of relatives, including you you stupid little shit! Now buck up and give grandma some kisses because this is Rabid Grannies!

Rabid Grannies is a 1988 film directed by Emmanuel Kervyn and stars Danielle Daven and Anne-Marie as our two grannies. It was actually a Belgian film and later picked up and produced under Lloyd Kaufman’s company Troma Entertainment which brought us The Toxic Avenger series and 1986’s Class of Nuke ‘Em High. Each actor was French and had to speak each line in English, which gives the dialogue this interesting style. Films widely known for their parody and exploitation style horror. The film won the International Fantasy Film Award and has gone on to remain a cult hidden gem in the horror library.

Rabid Grannies

As an entire family come together to attend the birthday of their dear old relatives. An unforeseeable evil is unleashed on the party and possesses our elderly women. Turning them into cannibalistic demons that begin to slaughter each family member one at a time. Only the lucky will survive this night but not before they overcome their own personal demons.

I just had to include Rabid Grannies in this marathon because I love eighties splatter horror films and Rabid Grannies might be my favorite. Hearing the name alone probably makes your eyebrows raise. It’s so ridiculous and and funny that it tells you what this movie is going to be right from the beginning. A schlocky awesome gore fest that will make you smile! Right off the back you will notice that they aren’t really “grannies” and more like “aunties” because the two old ladies aren’t grandmas but since they’re old it only makes sense to call them grannies. Also, they aren’t really even “rabid.” They’re demon possessed. Not many people are aware of this movie, but are aware of the Troma kind of exploitation films. To be honest, I’ve always found this the better of the Troma style. The movie is disgusting and completely hilarious in the sense that everything from the gore and characterization is absolutely off the rails. If you’re a fan of movies like Evil Dead, Bad Taste (which came out that same year) or Dead Alive then this is right up your alley.

It’s not necessarily the most terrifying of films but it is a great deal of fun. Nor does it have a detailed or deep plot. Each family member doesn’t really serve as nothing more than fodder for our horror appetites. So you watch this movie for the gore and the gore alone. I do love the tone and atmosphere of the movie. The family is stuck in this giant mansion and can’t get out. Everything is dark and foreboding with eerie sounds through the hollow halls. As they walk down unlit corridors the demon grannies appear and make chase. It’s odd though, because the grannies appear all through the house as if no time has passed. So one minute you’re in the cellar and then the next you’re in the upstairs.

It’s brutal and delightful in the gore realm with lots of blood, torn limbs and disgusting vomit inducing liquids spewing from the demon grannies. The demon grannies look pretty good and I would dare say rival Evil Dead’s effects. One scene shows a dead child being fed to the family dog and then one scene where a fat guys ass is eaten while he’s stuck in some tunnel! It’s all awesome stuff and will keep you satisfied the entire movie. It’s a low budget treasure that relies heavily on the effects and sheer stupidity. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the buffet of blood and guts. But it certainly deserves much more praise. I enjoy it for its simplicity. I guess you can say it is “so bad it’s funny.” It doesn’t rely on jump scares or overly produced set pieces. It brings us back to a time when people had fun with films and wanted to make something that was entertaining. I’m also in the mood for some good schlock horror movies and Troma is the king of schlocky horror films.

What is schock? Schlock is word that describes cheap and inferior. The kinds of movies that are so under budget that they pay the actors shit. But schlock in horror can sometimes be awesome and has a certain place in the realms of value. The best kind of schlock is where you know it’s garbage but love it. Which is why I honor this movie on day nineteen of Horror Movie Marathon.

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Lol, this sounds disgusting, weird and enjoyable all at the same time😂 Never heard of this one, and I’m not sure this is the kind of horror I would enjoy, but just for satisfying my curiosity I would watch it! 😂 Great post as always!😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      It might not satisfy the tastes of many. If you love real campy horror like Evil Dead or Dead Alive then you will find it fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. balladeer says:

    Great review! The uncut version of this movie is a must-see!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never knew this existed. Sounds like great Troma.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      Its a lot of campy fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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