HMM Day 17 – The Revenge Of Frankenstein

Have you ever heard the Greek mythological story of Prometheus? He was a Titan and somewhat of an idealist. He created the human race out of clay and would be known as the “champion of humankind.” One day he noticed all the humans were hiding away from the winter cold in caves. They were miserable because know one could draw or write awesome horror movies. Without light things like playing board games and seeing boobs was downright impossible. Prometheus thought “damn dudes, you need some light.” So he went to the elder god Zeus and asked for Zeus to share fire with the humans. Zeus was a total dick you see and he was pissed off at this idea and said “no, things are good the way they are. If we give them fire then they’ll eventually want my job and I’m Zeus so… nah nah nah stick it up your butt!” Prometheus went away and headed straight to his local bar called The Olympian Outcast. Prometheus drank a little too much Hoegaarden beer and eventually thought “this douche bag Zeus guy thinks he can hog all the fire from my awesome humans! Well I’ll show him!” So Prometheus got into his chariot and drove into Zeus’ house. When Zeus came out, Prometheus took this moment while Zeus was distracted to run into the house and light a torch with Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Prometheus had to run down to earth because he wrecked his chariot in Zeus’ house. He gave the fire to the humans and they were so happy that they instantly created the movie Evil Dead and a new candy called Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. The candy would go on forever as the greatest human achievement ever known! The next morning Zeus woke up after a long night of filing his insurance claim. He looked down upon earth and saw all these humans building houses and listening to a band called the Misfits. This made Zeus really really mad and knew who did this because Prometheus left his chariots license in the glove compartment. Zeus went after Prometheus and chained him to the side of a mountain. Back then there wasn’t really a… what you would call a “fair court system.”

Every day Zeus called down his pet Parakeet to feed on Prometheus’ liver. But Prometheus was immortal and quickly healed just like Wolverine does. So Prometheus would have to endure this same torture for eternity. To make matters worse the humans produced a new music called Reggaeton and blasted it all over! They needed to be stopped! To be guided against such stupid ways! But such is the sad case of poor Prometheus and there ends our tale.

What if Prometheus eventually escaped his imprisonment? What if he got down from the mountain and continued his quest to better mankind and the world that they live? If Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is “The Modern Prometheus” then what would her sequel be? Thanks to Hammer Film Productions we had that answer in The Revenge of Frankenstein.

The Revenge of Frankenstein is a 1958 film directed by Terence Fisher and stars Peter Cushing, Eunice Gayson, Francis Matthews and Michael Qwynn. The movie is a direct sequel to 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein.

The Revenge of Frankenstein

After escaping the guillotine, Victor Frankenstein with the help of his hunchback Karl, continues on in his scientific experiments while aiding the sick. As Victors identity remains hidden he reclaims his pursuit in creating a new creature.

Although The Revenge of Frankenstein is in no ways a scary or hardcore horror film like its predecessor The Curse of Frankenstein. I cannot ignore the films deep importance and continuing of the classic tale. While the golden age Universal Frankenstein trilogy may focus on the monsters trials and themes of love, rejection and mans folly. 1958’s The Revenge of Frankenstein is a film that focuses in on Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his goal to better progress mankind. In this movie Victor has abandoned his name and is just going as Dr. Stein. Just like Prometheus, Victor is man driven by the desire to look ahead and better mankind. He’s actually not all too evil in this movie and doesn’t necessarily seek revenge on anyone.

The tragedy of the film is that he is trying to do good and in the end, the revenge of the title is actually brought upon Frankenstein by the thing he’s trying to help. That being mankind. As he is working to help the sick and homeless in the clinic, the patients all gang up on Victor and beat him to the brink of death. Victors brain is then implanted into the body of his next creation by his assistant. The new body happens to look exactly as Victor does. We end the film with Victor working in a new hospital under the title Dr. Franck and continuing on in his work. It is in this moment that the doctor’s achievements come into fruition. He has beaten death and is living above the mortals high in the mountain peaks of Olympus!

The movie is one of my favorite Hammer Films. It has great imagery and Peter Cushing crushes it like usual. Hammer was known for pushing some of the imagery when it came to limbs and blood. One awesome scene is when Victor is demonstrating a science experiment to Hans by lighting a torch in front of a set of eyes inside a glass container. As he moves the flame, the eyes move. He then shows an arm that is reacting to the flame as well. It is in these kinds of effects that made Hammer Horror stand out and help bring back the classic monsters during the silver age of horror. It might not be a movie for those seeking some serious bloodshed or intense scares. But for anyone that is a lover of the classic Frankenstein tale then it should be a certain favorite. This is why I have chosen The Revenge of Frankenstein for day seventeen in my Horror Movie Marathon.

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