HMM Day 14 – Slither

The year was 1993 and I was a young lad sitting in front of my television screen playing my Super Nintendo. Today is a special day because I just got a new game… which is a pretty big damn deal for the nineties! Getting a new game was unheard of when it wasn’t something special like Christmas or your birthday. Let that sink in for all you current day gamers. My average of video game collecting might have averaged two to three a year. Fortunately I have a younger brother which makes our cartridge count up to six or seven a year. One birthday my grandpa bought me World Cup Soccer and Mega Man 4 for the NES! I shit my brains out!

Today you have a plethora of games that you can instantly download whenever you want. The access to new content is so severe and easy that most people buy games and then never actually play the game. It could be because the array of choices are too much and we’ve become obsessed with possession as much as we can. Why do you think streaming is so popular!

But this was 1993 and a new game meant only one thing, this is the game I will be playing for an entire six months! Mom and dad will strangle me with the controller if they catch me playing something else. But I don’t mind, because this game is one I’ve had on in my sights for so long. The title is Zombies Ate My Neighbors and I am stocking a full horror fanatic/gamer boner for this one!

This game had everything I wanted in a video game and to this day, remains one of my most favorite horror video games. What makes it so fun is how it throws in so many monster themes into one game. You have zombies, werewolves, chainsaw killers, giant ants, vampires, Frankenstein, the mummy, giant killer babies and aliens! They even reference Invasion of The Body Snatchers. But one of my most favorite level is where a giant monster alien has crashed landed and is spreading all over the neighborhood. So you have to use a lawnmower to cut through the alien foliage and take out the alien creature that is spreading its shit. I just absolutely loved that game and its also why the movie Slither is such a favorite of mine!

Slither is a 2006 film directed by James Gunn and stars a colossal cast with Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Jenna Fischer and Greg Henry. The movie is considered a box office flop… but who can trust the box office scores, that fucking It: Chapter 2 was a box office success! AM I RIGHT?! But the movie did garner positive reviews and remains one of those gross out horror cult followed films.


In a small rural town in South Carolina an evil alien creature crash lands and begins spreading like a real bad rash all over our dear Grant Grant. As the town yokels fall prey to this malevolent creature, it is up to our town sheriff to save the day and stop the spread that “slithers” its way through the town!

I didn’t really know what to think of this movie when I first saw the trailer. Little did I know that Slither would turn out to be my most favorite comedy horror movie of all time. Not only is this movie disgusting with amazing scenes… it’s absolutely hilarious and is full of memorable characters brought to us by a stellar cast! Michael Rooker as Grant has to be applauded for his work in this film. He plays this over bearing husband with the hottest wife in town. He’s kind of a dud and out of her league. But he loves her and is only overbearing because of his insecurities. As he becomes the host to the alien, it is his love for his wife that helps our heroes prevail and even though he’s slaughtering every living thing in the vicinity; you can’t help but feel for the guy. But man Rooker dedicated to the part! His ability to wear all those prosthetics and to take on a roll where he transforms from human to a giant snotty slug monster is brilliant. The Grant monster is so gross and misshapen that he kind of reminds me of Dr. Edward Pretorius in the movie From Beyond. But where movies like The Thing or From Beyond made a less mobile monster, Slither mixes in just the right amount of CGI to give the monster more life and mobility.

To me my favorite character has to be Mayor MacReady! The guy has to have the funniest intros to a character I have ever seen. He’s this jackass mayor that doesn’t care if he swears or says the wrong thing. I imagine he was originally the local car dealer that had bigger ideas for his life. But kind of regrets being stuck in a little shitty southern town. Everyone knows him and despite his status, they don’t take him seriously.

In my Rear View Mirror Reviews, I critiqued the new Netflix shit show The Babysitter: Killer Queen. I hated that movie and one of the things I pointed out is how the comedy is so damn terrible. Plus the directors name is McG. Anyone with a name like that is a royal douche. I hate it when comedy horror has too much comedy that outweighs the gore and spills. Even the gore is boring and full of CGI blood. But Slither my friends! Slither is absolutely brilliant of a movie. What this movie does it gives you a real hilarious film with funny characters and situations. Then punches you in the face with its gore and absolute grossness. Think of it as a comical creature/ body horror film.

There are great moments like when the Grant monster splits a guy in half or when the slug filled Brenda explodes all over the barn. The movie just keeps delivering these insane moments one after another to where the climax will have you gasping for clean air. I kind of feel sticky gross after watching this movie but completely rewarded in entertainment. I love the cheesy take on small town invasions which remind me of classic silver age movies. We don’t get movies like Slither anymore. Just look at what came out in 2006, nothing but extremely serious horror films. You have to have a brake from all the seriousness once in a while and Slither does that. But also being able to be revolting at the same time. If you’re someone with a brutal kill count full of stomach churning moments then this is right for you. It has gross creatures, bloody spills, mindless zombies and campy blood! I love the acting and the glimmer of heart the film does bring. It pays homage to a time when movies didn’t need to be too serious and meant to be fun and shocking. That is why I have chosen Slither for day fourteen of Horror Movie Marathon!

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha, man how I sometimes wish I could have started my gaming career earlier. Those were much better times as a gamer. (That said my gaming career is pretty much over now, but hey I’m getting a little sidetracked here😅😂)
    This was such a fun film! Like you I had no idea what to expect from this film, and it was just one of those totally unexpected delights that simply turned out great.Even though I’m not a huge comedy fan, this one really worked😀 Awesome post as always!


  2. I love zombies ate my neighbors, Slither, and Night of the creeps, which slither borrows so liberally from its almost an homage. The mayor is also my fave character, favorite scene being his Mr. Pibb meltdown.

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    1. nscovell says:

      So many good moments.

      Liked by 1 person

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