HMM Day 7 – The Cabin In The Woods

Today is a very special day! Today is day seven for Horror Movie Marathon. You probably don’t know this, but today actually marks as an important day for me. Not just because it is day seven. No no no! With this being the fourth year of this marathon, today… October 7th, 2020 marks the 100th movie of Horror Movie Marathon! One hundred horror movies! That, my friends is a giant accomplishment for me. Actually, I just realized this yesterday when my wife asked me how many movies have I written about.

I’m so proud of me! I am so proud, that I could be such a loser and write blog posts every single day for the month of October. Proud, to tell people about horror movies that I absolutely love. Just thinking about all that time where I stopped playing with my children, let my house fall apart and my grass outgrow itself. Ignoring my wife’s request for lovin’ in the oven. Getting all my thoughts written instead of getting my butt on a treadmill or pushing to lose this dad bod I’ve been accumulating for ten years. All so I could get on my computer and type out a few neurotic posts about movies that other people have already written about.

On this 100th horror movie recommendation and looking back on the the array of films that I have covered. The vast themes like zombies, ghosts, monsters, killers and spillers… I feel like there is one movie that takes everything we as horror fanatics love and turns it into one singular mythos. For day seven of my Horror Movie Marathon, I proudly present Cabin In The Woods!

Cabin In The Woods is a 2011 horror filmed directed by Drew Goddard and starring Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins and Sigourney Weaver. Goddard described the movie as a “loving hate letter” to the horror genre. A way of making small critiques of the ever changing genre and yet pay homage to what makes it so awesome.

Cabin In The Woods

We start off with the beginning of Spring Break where a group of college friends are headed out to a cabin… in the woods. As the group begins their vacation of relaxation and party, they soon discover that not everything is as it seems. What started as a great break ends up turning into something much more sinister. The group of friends discover they are part of something evil and very ancient.

A New Lens

Cabin In The Woods is a movie that took me by surprise. When first hearing about this movie and its title, I simply thought it was ripping off the Evil Dead series and we would get another cliche modern slasher flick with very little appeal. However, being a horror fanatic I couldn’t help myself from seeing it in theaters. So I went and thought I knew what I was going to get. What I experienced would blow my mind and forever change the way I see the horror genre.

First I want to say that the movie is a great deal of fun. It’s full of hilarious scenes and moments you’ll never forget. I absolutely love the characters and what they bring to the story. It was interesting seeing Chris Hemsworth in this film because he just did Thor and usually young actors do horror before something as big as a Marvel movie. But everyone else is a delight, especially Fran Kranz as the drug induced fool Marty. Steve and Gary (Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins) are one of my favorite duo’s in all horror history. The movie is entertaining, full of rich tone and atmosphere which we see with the two different stories. One is of the kids and their vacation. It’s darker and earthier, homey and natural. The other is corporate and boring, void of emotion. As the movie progresses the two stories mesh and become one unified unit.

Up to a certain point, you believe we’re getting a group of college kids being hunted down by a some undead torture cult. To be honest, the gore isn’t even that exciting. Where is this all going and pretty quickly if you ask me. If you’re me then you probably said “Is this it? Another zombie style movie? I’ve seen this shit before assholes!” Sure the entire thing is being monitored by some scientific experiment. So you expect them to be responsible for the zombies and the zombies have to feed and blah blah blah blah. BUT NO! You big giant douche ass! There’s more to this! The entire undead torture cult is played down on purpose to illustrate the bigger picture and once that bigger picture opens up, you are introduced to an entirely larger situation.

It takes the idea of all the horror stories we’ve all come to love. All the tropes and dialogues, characters and villains. Then brings them all together into one logical explanation. Sure it’s gory and scary. The undead cult is terrifying but it’s all small pieces to the puzzle! Everything you watch is all a part of one larger ancient and evil design. The monsters that exist and the people you see die and survive are a part of a ritual. The only reason the torture zombie cult is doing what they’re doing is because the ritual has certain rules and those rules must be appeased. The world that we know is satisfying the hunger of ancient gods that dwell deep within the earth. These Titans demand a sacrifice of youth in order to not rise and slaughter us all! What the fuck is going on!? You’re telling me every horror movie I ever watched is technically all part of some ancient tradition? This changes everything how I view horror movies.

Man I love this movie. Everything just starts unfolding and it brings you deeper and deeper into what is unfolding. It’s this crazy roller coaster ride of slaughter that all correlates into this clash of two worlds. And when both of these worlds collide it is just one giant mad house of pain and suffering. It all comes down to this one scene which is by far the greatest scene I have ever witnessed. I remember cheering my balls off for this!

You can watch this movie over and over again and each time you find something new and awesome. As a horror fan its like walking through a toy store and everything you see puts a smile on your face. I mean, where do I begin. Think of any horror movie you have ever seen and the monsters you’ve witnessed. You want the wolfman? He’s there. You think The Shinning is scary? It has you covered. Scary clown in the fucking sewer? He’s here as well. Strangers killing a guy and his gal. Oh they show up as well. Hell, you love Tom Cruise fighting a red devil? We have something even better!

The movie is so awesome in that, the entertainment level of the movie is increased by how much you know about horror. The more you know the more entertained you are. It also changes how you see horror. Every movie where a slasher is taking out a group of unsuspecting teens or humanoid bat people are eating a group of stupid bickering women, you will think “It’s all part of the ritual.” I love this movie and will always consider it to be one of the top horror films ever made. It’s part of this sub-genre of horror I call “homage” horror. It pays its respects to the genre that we all adore. Thats why I have chosen it for day seven of Horror Movie Marathon!

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    First off: congrats on the 100! That is quite the achievement indeed! Not only the number itself, but also making the 100 movie reviews highly entertaining, this one being no exception of course!
    This film was such a surprise. When I first heard it about it, I just went like: “ Oh it’s one of those movies again…” And then when I actually saw it the first time I was left in awe. So cleverly made, and such a joy to watch. This really is as you say: like walking through a candy store for horror fans! Awesome review, and here’s to the next 100! 😀😀

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    1. nscovell says:

      Thanks dude! Glad you enjoy them!

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  2. nscovell says:

    Let’s get this party started!


  3. Jack thomson says:

    You had created such a wonderful site literally dude. Really appreciative keep going.
    Also check mine:-

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    1. nscovell says:

      Thank you so much! I will definitely keep checking your site out as well.


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