Horror Movie Marathon 2020

Welcome to the month of October which only means one thing. That’s right sucker! I’m back for a full month for my Horror Movie Marathon! 2020 is such an awesome year. With all the COVID-19, forests going up in flames, crazy white virgins burning cities, and my kids doing school from home. What a better time for us all to enjoy the nearing end of the year (and possible end of existence) with a month long marathon of horror movies. In my opinion horror is a great way to let loose and rid oneself of pesky anxiety and this is the only month where it’s acceptable to do that.

When we think “things couldn’t possibly get any worse.” We chime in on our favorite films and realize “holy dick balls! It can get worse!” and it makes us smile. So Covid may be tough but at least it isn’t a rage virus infestation and wearing a mask isn’t as bad as wearing a ladies peeled skin! People may be acting like Nazis to stop… other “nazis.” But at least my body isn’t being torn to pieces by a cenobite or devoured by a pack of alien monsters. Those pesky neighbors may blast their shitty Reggaeton music all the time, but at least they’re not cannibals.

You see! Horror makes light of the bull shit of the world and lets us know that “it could be worse.” So turn off the news. Watch as many horror movies as you can and just let life flow.

A Look Back

Horror Movie Marathon started in 2017. Each day of the month of October I recommend a horror movie spanning from many eras. From golden classics like Frankenstein. Silver age goodies like The Thing From Another World. To awesome Bronze age badasses like Hellraiser! I even find time to throw in a good 90’s movies like Candyman and some surprisingly modern films like The Void. I’ve been proud of each year and do my best to be as sincere with my picks. These are films I do enjoy so I don’t need a grading system. There may be some cheesy films but deep down, they all possess something that makes them great.

I talk about what I like about the movie like favorite scenes, characters and whatever else. This is no way a professional writing system and nor do I care for the spotlight. The most I do is write about my favorite genre of cinema and enjoy hearing other peoples opinions. You may agree with me about certain films and you may not. Who cares, just enjoy the month long marathon and make this Halloween season one to remember. I promise my selection for this year should be as exciting as the previous years.

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Very much looking forward to what you will bring us this year! Can’t wait! 😀😀 So….welcome back! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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