Scenes To Be Seen – That Woman!

Hello everyone and thanks for clicking on my post. It’s been a good while since my last post which was way back in October for my annual Horror Movie Marathon. But it was a good time off and it’s great to get back into writing. I must admit these past couple months have been kind of a lazy time. I should have kept up the posts but failed to do so. But forget it, here I am with another Scenes To Be Seen for everyone! Anyways, I have some personal shit that I would like to share.

Man Duty

I’m a father of three and a husband. As a father and husband it is one of my duties to protect my family at all costs. That’s right! I believe in gender roles! Anyways, there are times (not many) that a man such as myself, thinks on certain situations. Situations where he ponders his own actions in the unlikely event of a loved one being in danger. This can be thoughts as to how one would react if someone broke in to our homes, tried kidnapping our children or assaulting our wives. What I mean is, would I, as the protector of my home; do all I can to protect my family? Risking my own life in the process?

For most of us, our answer will always be yes. At least it is our ideal answer. Sure, I would run out onto a street and sacrifice myself so my kid doesn’t get hit by a car. Sure I would take a bullet for my wife. But these moments of superb ideal heroism are always from a position where things like fear and survival aren’t variables. Most of the time, we are real high on ourselves.

For instance, if one night while laying in bed, my wife asks me if I would fight a person for her. Of course my response is “yes” because I’m looking to score tonight and making myself to be the silver back gorilla of the house is damn sexy. This is kind of similar to those vegans that say they would never eat an animal. Or that ANTIFA douche that screams at cops. The vegan would devour a dog and the ironic ANTIFA member would call a cop when someone steals his Nintendo Switch. We all hope we can be a certain person but in moments of pure terror or pressure, we crumble like loads of high fibered shit.

I’m not saying I’m a coward and would bail. But I can’t say that I wouldn’t. As of yet, I haven’t really been put to the test and hope to never have to. With all this in mind I think of this great scene in 2007’s 28 Weeks Later. A scene which for me raises so many questions on morality and the overall ideas of what a man should be.

Run Don Run!

Gosh I love that scene. It has to be up there with the ending scene in 2007’s The Mist when it comes to “what would you do” topic starters. Even today, people spark debate on whether not what Don did is good or bad. It’s a tremendous moment where a husband is taken over by such great fear and anxiety that he displays an act of pure survival and flees. Which is kind of a great change compared to the this movies predecessor 28 Days Later. A movie where our character Jim comes to the rescue and saves the woman he loves. Jim is the hero and Don is the loser. Most of us were outwardly cringing at this man for running like a little pussy. Screaming “Go back for that woman!” But deep down, we would have done the same exact thing. Still, we watch the rest of this movie knowing his “cowardice betrayal” and what unfolds for Don is a comeuppance that blows my mind.

But regardless of the end of the film and how Don’s life unfolds. I can’t help but feel a little compassion and understanding for him. But what do you think? Is Don doing right in running or is he a fat pile of shit that should have died like all good men should do for their women?

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  1. Karandi says:

    In that situation even if he had stayed there was nothing to be done. I totally get running.

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