Horror Movie Marathon 2019 Recap

Wow, another horror season has come and gone. Already people are starting to put up Christmas decorations and the cable channels aren’t playing the slew of horror movies anymore. Hallmark channel has already been running their Christmas shit for about two weeks. You would think Hallmark would come up with some shit sappy schlock of movies for the Halloween season. I’m sure there is a story out there where a town doesn’t do Halloween and some lone down on her luck girl next door comes in and miraculously solves all the problems. But while she’s invading in everyone’s life, she falls for the mean and lonely young guy in town that is impeding her Halloween joy. He has a turn of heart because she’s actually kind of hot and they fall in love. Thus bringing the town a glorious Halloween. Isn’t that how all Hallmark movies go?

Anyways, this was a great marathon and one I am very proud of looking back on.

I would like to thank all the people that have followed my blog this month and hope everyone enjoyed my selection. I think it was a pretty good year this year. We covered many of the ages of horror and even some good 90’s ones in there. You know what! I take back everything I ever said about 90’s horror. 90’s horror rules and there’s some good shit in there. It may not be as impactful or styled as the bronze 80’s, silver 50’s or golden 30’s… but it’s some good stuff that deserves more credit. We also did some modern films that give me hope in a world of piles of shit like IT: Chapter 2 and whatever remake or possessed doll movie coming out. Hopefully next year I can throw some more obscure films. But popular is just fine.

Hopefully you read my posts and felt the energy and got my reasoning for these movies and why I love them. But now, I always take the few months to just get away from the computer and focus in on things like my reading and future posts. Along with my love for horror movies, I also happen to be a big fantasy reader. I’ve read all the Game of Thrones novels and actually read Lord Of The Rings every year as a personal tradition. I am one of the proud folk that have also accomplished Wheel of Time and right now I am going to finish the latest Stormlight Archive. With this said, I was thinking about adding a few entries about my love for fantasy into the mix. It’s not a sure thing. I’m not too sure I want to open that can of worms or mix the two genres. I kind of like the idea this is strictly horror based.

But if you think that would be a good idea then let me know. You can also read more of my posts and enjoy my other themes like:

Scenes To Be Seen

You know when you have those awesome conversations about movies with friends. You’re throwing dialogue out there about favorite movie scenes and how they almost correlate with life events. Well, this is kind of how Scenes To Be Seen. Occasional posts that cover some of my favorite movies in horror films and in some way attach some stupid personal or joke to it. Most of this is approached with a more comical manner but I think its fun. This is my most favorite of my categories and I hope everyone can enjoy them.

Rear View Mirror Review

We all have opinions about if a movie is bad or good and we all do reviews. Its as common to a movie blogger as doing a top 10 list. It actually took a while for me to start this and even now I am not too sure about this. I never really wanted to go in the realm of critiquing movies. Basically because I don’t know much about film. But its worth giving it a shot. These are movie reviews about old and new films. I promise I will review a movie I like one of these days.

Random Thinking

These are posts that don’t follow a theme. Simple ideas that I would like to share regarding horror. Usually thought of when I am on the toilet or something.

So if you would be as kind to read other posts and get involved then that would mean the world to me. I don’t (nor will I ever) ask for money. I just like writing about the movies and genre I love. Thanks again and see everyone later!

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